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Broad Spectrum CBD Oil – 10 Surprising Benefits

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By now you must have heard about CBD oil and the many benefits it offers. You see it in health shops and pharmacies in many places, and of course online too. We are all aware of the anti-inflammatory properties and the pain relieving possibilities CBD oil has. But have you heard about Broad Spectrum CBD oil and its 10 surprising benefits? 

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil for (Nail) Fungus

The real cbd oil and nail fungus

Fungus and yeast overgrowth are unwelcome guests on or in your body. These are difficult to treat and sometimes completely unresponsive to standard medications. We look to a future where cannabinoids and terpenes are widely available and you will have the freedom to wear flip flops!

Full spectrum hemp CBD oil containing CBD, CBG and CBC can help with fungus because of CBC's antifungal properties. Antifungals like CBC work by stopping the cells from multiplying in fungus. This creates an environment where the fungus cells begin to die off.

Some fungi are far more destructive than others, so it's important to know what you're up against. Toenail fungus may not look very sexy, but it's probably not going to kill you. Other fungi are deadly though, so if you suspect you have a fungal infection, you need to start by asking your doctor. This is also a great way to introduce a conversation about alternative wellness options like CBD into your health routine. Start there, and remember that your body is a miracle of biology.

You could start with a simple 5% Pure CBD oil and apply it once or twice a day to the affected nails.

CBD Oil for Better Hair Growth

cbd oil for better hair growth

Recently, CBD has emerged as an ingredient in cutting edge cosmetics products. These include shampoos, lotions, and other topical treatments – to better your skin and your hair.

When it comes to hair growth, CBD oil may not be a miracle for hair growth. However, research suggests broad spectrum CBD oils diverse properties could help improve your hair growth. CBD oil contains many nutrients that contribute to robust, healthy hair.

study conducted at the University of Seville in Spain in 2014, found that hemp seed oil contains optimal levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that could make it useful for pharmaceutical and beauty products.

In general, there are a few ways you can take CBD oil for better hair growth.

  • Put a thin layer of CBD oil onto your palms and massage into your scalp
  • Open a few CBD Powder Capsules and mix it into your shampoo and “leave-in”conditioner
  • Make your own hair mask and add either CBD oil or CBD Powder capsules and let it sit and nourish your hair and scalp
  • Ingesting daily CBD oil or CBD powder capsules could also contribute to a stress less life and benefit hair growth
  • Use Sweet Almond CBD oil as a Hair Mask for shinier and healthier hair

Who doesn't want more, shinier and better looking hair, after all it makes us look younger and more healthy!

Amazing Benefits in Skincare with CBD

CBD oil and skincare

Wrinkles and Anti-Aging

Because CBD oil comes from a plant, it's not surprising that it also has antioxidant benefits. The antioxidants in CBD are one way topical use helps the visible signs of aging. By counteracting free-radical damage and reducing the look of inflammation, CBD anti-aging creams visibly diminish issues like wrinkles, skin dullness, and red skin tone.

Sensitive Skin

Another benefit of CBD skincare is that it has been found to have significant calming benefits. Its substantial beneficial effects can help minimize issues related to skin sensitivity, including redness and swelling. All our skin types are affected daily by environmental factors like pollution, cold temperatures, sweat etc. CBD's soothing and calming ability can help keep everyone's skin in check.

CBD oil for various Skin conditions

Skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema effects many people and their daily lives. Mostly steroid creams are being prescribed for this, but they all have many side effects with long term use. Another study found that CBD balms or CBD Bentonite clay masks and daily ingestion of CBD oil could benefit both conditions.

Cannabidiol Oil against Alzheimer's

cbd oil against alzheimers

We all age and we can't stop the clock ticking. Aging often come with worries of deteriorating brain health and if you would become a burden to your loved ones. But it doesn't necessarily have to be like that.

Health benefits continues to grow with new CBD and Alzheimer's research. In recent studies, CBD has been shown to reduce or remove the impact of inflammation, oxygen buildup and brain cell decline. A key hallmark of Alzheimer's disease is the build up of clumps of a protein, called amyloid, in the brain.

Inflammation could increase the negative impact of Alzheimer's disease. The inflammatory response happens when the brain's immune cells fail to clear disorienting blockages. The inflammation that is a core cause of Alzheimer's symptoms, could be reduced by using CBD oil.

Alzheimer's patients' brain cells often show a path of rapid decline and destruction. The potential of stimulating brain tissue was recently discovered as a potential benefit of CBD. In clinical trials, CBD has shown the ability to reverse and even prevent the development of Alzheimer's negative impact. Researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies recently examined isolate cannabinoids and their combination in a preclinical assay of neuroprotection. On average, cannabinoids such as CBD, CBC, and CBN were potent and effective neuroprotectants in nearly every test.

Research continues to better understand the effects of CBD oil on the brain……

Cancer Preventative CBD Oil

cbd oil as cancer prevention

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and studies suggest that it can reduce the risk of cancer.  Low doses of cannabinoids can stimulate the creation of new nerve cells in animal models, even in aging brains.

A 2012 study showed that animals treated with CBD were significantly less likely to develop colon cancer after being induced with carcinogens in a laboratory.  In 2015, scientists looked at the medical records of over eighty-four thousand male patients in California and found that those who used cannabis, but not tobacco, had a rate of bladder cancer that was 45 percent below the norm. Topical products could be used to maybe prevent skin cancers.

Cannabinoids are currently used in cancer patients to palliate wasting and pain that often accompany cancer. A significant advancement in cannabinoid use in cancer treatment, came from the discovery of a potential utility of these compounds for targeting and killing cancer cells.

CBD Oil for Better Sleep

cbd oil for better sleep

Tossing and turning all night, laying awake with 1 million thoughts are becoming “the norm”. We are facing an insomnia epidemic; with roughly 1 out of every 4 adults in Europe are struggling to fall asleep or sleep soundly most nights, we're a continent in need of a safe and effective solution – without side effects. But maybe you can change that in a natural way…..

Modern medicine has options, but these drugs are largely ineffective, expensive, and come with side effects like lethargy the following day, trouble breathing and bad dependency. With ineffective medical options, many people are turning to natural remedies, including herbs, meditation, and more.

CBD oil has the ability to reduce anxiety, which can be helpful in reducing sleep difficulties and improving sleep quality. It may increase overall sleep amounts, and improve insomnia, according to research. CBD has been shown to reduce insomnia in people who suffer from chronic pain. Cannabidiol oil and its benefits are many, but improving sleep for so many people in a 100% natural way – is for sure one of the major ones.


the- real- cbd -cbd- oil- and- nausea

 Broad Spectrum CBD oils no. 6 surprising benefit is tackling nausea. Nausea is a horrible thing to experience; it is distracting, highly uncomfortable, and it is usually accompanied by vomiting, which is both messy and dehydrating. Despite its effects, nausea is typically just a symptom of an underlying condition.

Conditions that cause nausea include; motion sickness, food poisoning, low blood sugar, appendicitis, liver disease, kidney failure, brain injury, and concussion, among others.

A link between the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and nausea has lead scientists to consider CBD Oil as a possible treatment. The EC system is a unique communications system in the brain and body that is responsible for regulating neurotransmitter function in the brain. Evidence has shown that the EC system regulates nausea and vomiting in us. A 2011 study by Pharmacol et al. and published in the British Journal of Pharmacology found that manipulating the endocannabinoid system regulates nausea and vomiting.

The great thing about CBD Oil is that it has been found to be an incredible way to reduce the effects of nausea and even vomiting, as well as various other ailments, and without any severe side effects. Pure CBD Oil has been linked to relieving nausea associated with many different reasons including; chemotherapy, anxiety or depression, extreme medical conditions, motion sickness and more.

Could CBD oil Help Acne?

Yes! There are some evidence to show that CBD oil may be helpful for . What that means may vary slightly in each case, based on what kind of acne a person has and what is causing it.

To keep the skin moist and protect it from drying out, an oily substance called sebum is secreted from sebaceous glands located underneath the skin, it then travels up hair follicles and appears on the outer skin via the pores.

Hair follicles routinely shed dead skin which sebum carries from the body. When too many skin cells are shed and excess sebum is released, the pores can become clogged. This results in excess bacteria which flourish in the pores resulting in inflammation and spots.

  • Pores clogged by dead skin
  • Excess sebum produced
  • Excess Bacteria
  • Excess hormones

There are many ways to get CBD oil into your body so it can get to work. All methods will result in the cannabidiol interacting with receptors in your body to give you the end result. When it comes to acne in particular, topicals are the preferred choice and for good reason.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil for Best Hormonal Balance


have to offer. Hemp-derived CBD products have proven to be successful in helping to manipulate hormone levels and ease symptoms.

Your hormones are biochemical messengers involved in many aspects of your physiology. Your growth, behavior, sleep, sexual function, eating habits, and mood are all affected by hormones.

These natural regulators (or hormones) are produced by the endocrine system in glands such as the thyroid, pancreas, pineal gland, pituitary gland, hypothalamus, ovaries, and testicles. Cortisol for an example, is the hormone that manages our response to stress and anxiety, while melatonin indicates to our body when it's time to go to sleep and when to wake up. Internal or external factors such as ageing, stress, nutrition, and chemicals can unbalance the production of these messengers.

Cannabidiol (CBD) creates homeostasis in our body and can help the body's own ability to regulate and balance the hormones to the right levels. Studies have shown that cannabinoids like CBD can have direct and indirect influences on the production and secretion of hormones like cortisol, insulin, , and others. Therefore, cannabinoids and the must sustain some influence on homeostasis.

You could create homeostasis by daily intake of CBD oil.

New study finds CBD Oil Great for Addiction

is a complex condition, where the brain is manifested by compulsive substance use despite harmful consequence. We are all addicted to something more or less. It can be chocolate, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling etc. Recently a study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, led by Yasmin Hurd, demonstrates the ability of CBD to reduce cravings in people with heroin drug addiction.

Neurotransmitters are substances which are present in our nervous systems and are responsible for controlling our mood, sleep, behavior, and appetite, among other things. Certain neurotransmitters are involved in addictive behavior; for example, glutamine and dopamine. These chemicals are associated with the “reward” centers in our brains. They enhance the effects of drugs and increase the risk of relapse for former users.

Furthermore, CBD may be effective in targeting risk for the addicted to relapse by reducing anxiety and stress related to the abuse. In addition to that, CBD has an impact on the brain circuitry that is responsible for raving and seeking behaviours, triggered by the cravings.

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