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is CBD good for sleep?

Can CBD help you sleep? A simple question, but the answer might be more complicated than you’d expect.  With CBD oil you can support your sleep by the beneficial effect it has on stress. Many people who want to improve their sleep function use CBD oil before going to bed. People who use it in the evening experience CBD as a natural tranquillizer, for a good sleep and a healthy night’s sleep and say they generally sleep better.

This is very interesting for people who are looking for a natural alternative to supporting sleep. Many of them now work mostly with CBD oil.

How can CBD improve your sleep?

It has been discovered that CBD oil not only affects how easily we fall asleep and how long we stay asleep but also the sleep cycle itself. Cannabinoids increase the deep third sleep phase and reduce the duration of REM sleep. The third sleep phase would be the most important phase for those suffering from a sleep disorder. REM sleep is the light sleep during which we dream. As a result of reduced REM sleep, people who use cannabinoids as a sleep aid more often experience a good and healthy night’s sleep. A shorter period of REM sleep has been associated with improved memory and a reduction in symptoms of depression.

Blood tests carried out during sleep show that CBD oil affects dopamine levels in the bloodstream. This leads to a more relaxed and better sleep. Research has also shown that CBD oil can improve sleep in people with deficient sleep patterns and chronic fatigue. Many people swear by using CBD oil to fall asleep and research shows that CBD oil has a positive effect on sleep.

It is important to know that there is no “miracle cure” or simple solution to bad sleep. To be effective, you need to assess and address the possible underlying causes. Are you an anxious person? Have you been under a lot of stress? Are you depressed? This can all cause insomnia and although CBD oil can help, you will need to try to get rid of it on all fronts. Finding the cause of the bad sleep pattern is therefore just as important as taking food supplements. CBD oil can be very supportive in that treatment.

CBD and Melatonin, the ideal combination

The body’s own substance melatonin plays an important role in sleep. When the light decreases in the evening, the pineal gland/epiphysis produces melatonin. Under the influence of various factors, it does not get off to a good start in everyone. Looking into the light for a long time from a mobile phone or tablet, for example, has considerable influence. With the combination CBD + Melatonin you can increase the level. Cibdol has the ideal product for this. Their liposomal CBD oil with melatonin will ensure that you can fall asleep more quickly.

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