Why does CBD Oil Potency Matter?

There is only one real factor that matters when purchasing CBD Oil and that is its strength. So why does CBD oil  potency matter? The potency of CBD Oil determines its effect and its pricing. Unfortunately, what is listed on the bottle can be very misleading. Essentially, the more cannabidiol there is in the tincture, the higher the concentration of CBD. However, it can be difficult to know what makes CBD oil stronger or weaker for different conditions. Knowing how potency effects CBD oil,  can help you make better-informed decisions, about the products you are about to buy.

How is CBD content measured?

The concentration of your CBD oil  is measured in milligrams (mg). So mg of actual CBD in the carrier oil, which can be hemp seed oil, olive oil or MCT oil. This is different from CBD dosage, which indicates the amount of CBD per serving. For instance, let’s say a bottle of CBD oil has a concentration of 1500 mg and contains 10 milliliters (ml) of liquid. That is the same as a 15% CBD oil. If the bottle then have 200 drops you will have 7.5mg CBD in 1 drop (1500mg:200drops=7.5mg/drop).

Some producers and brands are misleading you, by putting 1500mg CBD on a 30ml bottle, making you believe think that it is a 15%……it is not – it is “only” a 5% CBD oil. Have a look underneath on our explanatory grid.

The Real CBD Dosage explanation CBD Oil

What is high potency CBD oil?

Potency certainly matters, but how much so depends entirely on the individual person. Remember that CBD potencies vary widely. From 300 mg to up to 2500 mg for a bottle that is 10 ml in size.  On the one hand, most serious and experienced brands would consider a 300 mg in a 10ml bottle to be a “low potency” option. And a 2500 mg CBD bottle would be a high potency option. CBD is not regulated properly yet, there are no RDD (recommended daily dosage). The whole industry relays entirely on anecdotal evidence, and a few serious clinical trials.  These trials are mostly done for serious conditions, such as Huntington’s disease and Epilepsy.

When  you want to begin a CBD oil regimen, most people consider the cost. A lower potency formulation is generally a good place to start, especially if you don’t have a tolerance. Starting with a lower potency oil, allows you the time to see how your body will react to the CBD. Since everyone has a different set of factors that will affect tolerance, such as biochemistry, weight, and metabolism. This is leaving you to do much of your own research and experimenting to see what works best for your endocannabinoid system. Download our free info-graphic explaining the Endo-cannabinoid system – click here

Why not go straight to high potency CBD oil?

SuccessThe advantage of using the most potent CBD oils, is that it takes less of the oil to achieve the desired effect.  If you  have particularly severe symptoms that you are trying to treat with CBD, you might also find that it is more effective to use one of the strongest cbd oils. These high potency oils also work more quickly in the body, so that you can feel the relief,  faster than waiting for a lower strength to take effect.

Having said that we also need to tell you that you might not need that potent a CBD oil. Less is often more. Why spend hundred of Euros on strong potent CBD oil, if you only need a 5% pure CBD oil for your ailment. First of all it is a waste of your money, because the CBD your body doesn’t need will just leave your body when you go to the toilet. Second… too much CBD can actually worsen your symptoms, and that is not really the objective.

Taking daily CBD should make you feel better and healthier.

What is the most potent full spectrum CBD on the Market?

The Real CBD offers a 10ml bottle of CBD oil tincture with 2500 mgs of CBD – which is a 25%. This is one of the absolute strongest cbd oil products that you can order. We have many great stories from people who use this cannabidiol tincture to treat everything from fibromyalgia to severe pain management. We also offer a 60% CBD paste which comes in an easy-to-dose syringe with 10gr of paste in.

The strongest cbd oil tinctures are going to be in this range of 1500mg to 2500mg. Lower potent oils will still get the job done, but you might have to wait a while before you feel the effects. Or you have a particularly serious problem you are struggling to treat, then stronger is certainly the way to go.

However if it is one of your first times trying CBD, we recommend just the standard 500mg or 1000mg dosage.