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How long does CBD stay in your body?

CBD is becoming a trendy alternative treatment for many ailments. However, what some people might not know is that CBD is only one of the many compounds found in cannabis. These components, called cannabinoids, are what gives hemp its therapeutic and healing effects. More than 114 different cannabinoids have been discovered, and the two most famous compounds within the plant are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

The reason many people are choosing CBD treatments is that, unlike THC, no psychoactive side effects are associated with its use. In fact, the effects of THC are balanced out when there is an equal ratio of THC and CBD.

But you may be wondering how long CBD stays in your system. Maybe you’re curious about how long it takes for the effects of CBD products to wear off. Or perhaps you will be getting a drug test, and you’re worried they’ll find CBD in your system. Although most drug tests are only looking for the presence of THC, it’s still important to know how long CBD can be detected.

How long do the effects of CBD last for?

CBD has a good reputation as a natural healing remedy that can help with many different conditions and symptoms. When you ingest CBD, it works with your body’s endocannabinoid system, which is a big network of receptors that play a part in different bodily functions. CBD bind to these receptors which in return gives many positive benefits. For that reason, CBD can help treat conditions related to digestion, pain, mood, immunity and much more.

You can take CBD in several different ways, such as through inhalation, oils under the tongue, eating products infused with CBD and topical applications of balms, cremes and salves. Each method takes a different amount of time feel the effects, and the length of time the effects last, varies depending on which method you choose:

Option for ingesting CBD:

  • Inhalation: You can inhale CBD products via smoking (CBD flowers) or by vaporizing (e-liquids). Smoking is the least healthy ingestion method because users often inhale more than just the CBD. However, inhalation is the fastest method of feeling CBD’s positive effects. The effects tend to be short-lasting.
  • Tinctures (oils): This method involves using a dropper or pipette to put CBD under the tongue. Users hold it there for a couple of minutes. This technique typically kicks in within 30 minutes. Plus, the effects can last anywhere from four to six hours.
  • Edibles: This popular ingestion method involves cooking CBD oils or Isolates into yummy treats like gummy bears, brownies, beverages and more. But you can also swallow CBD capsules If you’re looking for quick pain relief, this may not be the method for you because it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to feel the effects of the medication. However, the results last longer and can be experienced for up to six hours.
  • Topicals: CBD products like creams, lotions and balms can bring targeted pain relief to such ailments as joint pain or skin issues. This method is very slow to kick in, usually taking over an hour for the meds to seep into the skin. However, some users report over six hours of long-lasting benefits.

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How long does CBD stay in the blood?

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CBD is completely non-psychoactive, which means it doesn’t get users high but many are still concerned about the presence of CBD in their blood. If you have to take a drug test, won’t you get in trouble if CBD is detected? The wonderful news is the majority of drug tests you will encounter are designed to identify THC in your system and do not look for CBD. Whether you’re an employee or an athlete undergoing a screening, most testers are looking for the presence of THC.

Because THC is the intoxicating cannabinoid, many researchers focus on how it metabolizes in your system. However, not lot of attention has been given to the metabolism of CBD. Because of its more recent popularity, fortunately, recent studies are now coming out to inform us on how long CBD can be detected in your system. Eventually, with time, we can only hope that the drug tests can be changed so that the actual amount/level of THC is indicated when tested, and not “just” the presence of THC.

Many things can influence the length of time CBD stays in your blood. But there are some general guidelines for how long it can be detected based on how often you take CBD products:

  • One-Time Use: Up to three days
  • Moderate Use: Three to five days
  • Heavy Use: 10 days or more

What could influence how long CBD stays in the body?

Because CBD is a fat soluble molecule, it can potentially build up in your system with heavy, repeated use. Exactly like THC. That’s because it is stored in the fat cells for quite some time. In addition to this fact, everybody is different which means that you may process CBD faster or slower than others. Some of the factors that influence this include:

  • Bodyweight
  • Diet
  • How activity you are
  • Your metabolism
  • How much CBD you take


How can you use The Real CBD powder?

There is an array of ways how you can use CBD Powder. It is so versatile and adaptable that the list is endless. The fact that you can actually open the capsule and use the powder inside makes the usage almost limitless. The only thing the CBD powder will not dissolve in is oil and oil-based products. That does not mean you can’t put in ex your salad oil, it just means that it will not dissolve and you will see the powder “floating” around. It is perfectly safe to use in anything oil based but might appear milky.

Here are a few ideas of how to use the CBD powder


In your morning tea or coffee

how to use cbd powderFor many, that first cup of morning coffee or tea is absolutely necessary in order to function as a human being. While you sit there planning, waking up or just trying to function, it is dead easy to just open a CBD powder capsule and dissolve it, in your hot drink. If you leave you CBD capsules next to your multivitamins you won’t forget.

In smoothies

Many people chose smoothies as a healthy option either post- or pre-workout or just as a healthy meal replacement. Why not make it even more healthy and pour the contents of a CBD Powder capsule into the blender together with all the other goodies.

In water

Make your own CBD water!!  Just open a capsule and add it to your glass of water or into your water bottle you take on the go… and voila’ you have your own DIY CBD water instead of paying 10 times more for a ready-made brand.

how to use cbd powder

On Food

As our CBD powder is both odorless and tasteless, you can add it to any food without having to tolerate the taste of hemp. Sprinkle it over your cereals in the morning, or your delicious salad for lunch. Not only that – add it to a cake batter, or a stew and get all the benefits with your food.

In Pet food

how to use cbd powderAs you might know it is not only us humans who can use CBD (cannabidiol) Our beloved pets also have great benefits with CBD and all it’s powers. Usually pets don’t mind anything natural by instinct, but some of our fuzzy and spoiled furry friends don’t like the taste of the CBD oil in tinctures. So here is the solution………. Open a tasteless and odorless capsule and sprinkle it in their food. You will soon see the positive and great benefits the CBD powder gives.

In E-liquids

Vaping is a good source of ingesting CBD, but your local vape liquid shop might not have your preferred taste with CBD in it. So here is the solution to that problem. Get a pouch of CBD water soluble capsules, and open a capsule into your favorite e-liquid. Shake the bottle well and there you have it! – you own unique E-liquid with added CBD.

DIY Beauty Products

Instead of spending lots of money on CBD beauty products like facial cremes, body lotions, eye serums and hair products, you can add a few capsules into your own favorite product (provided its water based). Once you have let it dissolve you have your own DIY beauty product with all the added benefits CBD have to offer – without “breaking the bank”.

As they are – in capsule form

how to use cbd powderYou can of course also just take the capsule as it is. Take it with a glass of water morning and evening and you have taken the recommended daily dosage for general health.


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How to take CBD – Ultimate guide on Different ways to take cannabidiol

CBD comes in many shapes and forms. There are several ways to get the healing cannabinoids into your system, all depending on your preference and your ailment. We are going to go through most of the options you have, how to take CBD (cannabidiol) and how to choose the best product and method.


6 bottles regular CBD oilTinctures are liquid extracts made from herbs that you take orally (by mouth).  They are easy and convenient to use because they usually come with a pipette for easy dosage. Tinctures are also easier to give to children, as they only have to take small amounts. Because they are taken directly under the tongue, they enter the bloodstream more directly than by any other means. Some cannabinoids will have an immediate effect, such as those used to help one relax (THC). Others that are more nutritive (cannabidiol) may take several hours to weeks of continual use before best results are seen.

Store your tinctures in a cool, dark place (not the fridge). You may carry and keep tinctures in a purse or briefcase. Be sure not to leave your tinctures in a hot area for long periods of time (ex. in a car). Heat can negatively impact the quality of your CBD oil. Depending on the carrier oil (we mostly use hemp seed oil) it can solidify in a very cold environment and be hard to get out through the pipette.

CBD Through your belly button

Did you know you could drop CBD oil into your bellybutton?  Many people are unaware that you can use cannabidiol by applying in and around their belly button. Done via a technique called the Pechoti intake method. The Pechoti gland is behind the belly button. During pregnancy, the umbilical cord carries nutrients from the mother to her baby, through a connection made with the Pechoti gland. After the umbilical cord is cut, the Pechoti gland remains with over 70 million nerves are running over this gland to tissues and organs throughout the body.

By applying CBD oil to the belly button and utilizing the Pechoti delivery method, cannabinoids have the ability to reach every part of your body. This is something that no other delivery method can provide.

VIDEO – Learn more about the ideal CBD Dosage


CBD Salve, Balms and ointments

Putting CBD on the skin is a way to enjoy the benefits of CBD without consuming cannabis. They’re useful for people because they offer local relief from minor aches and pains without the psychoactive effects of smoking or ingesting the flower.

Topicals come in a variety of forms. Some are moisturizing lotions made for everyday use while others are balms, salves or ointments designed to be a beneficial natural pain or skin relief. Some data indicate that topical CBD application has therapeutic potential for relief of arthritis pain-related behaviours and inflammation without  side-effects

Studies also suggest cannabidiol could reduce many different kinds of inflammation. The pain and stiffness that comes post-workout or from overexertion certainly has a pro-inflammatory component to it, so it’s reasonable to think cannabidiol or other cannabinoids might have benefits, but we have no research to support this yet.

Topicals are a fantastic option as they’re easily measured in terms of ingredient compositions, and are higher in bioavailability than orally ingested compounds; this being because they are able to skip liver metabolization.

CBD Pain Patches

CBD Pain Patches

CBD Patches can offer all day or night relief, with a slow release of the cannabidiol throughout 24H. For some, this is a good alternative to smoking or vaporizing, which deliver effects that subside relatively quickly. In addition to this convenience, the discretion of the patch is an added benefit. The patch can be adhered out of sight giving relief anywhere, anytime.

The topical delivery of CBD bypasses the digestive process for undiluted absorption of the cannabidiol directly into the bloodstream. You get fast-acting effects with constant long-term relief.

Few things are easier to use than a Topical Patch. Simply place the patch on an area of skin that is free of hair, lotions, and creams. Press down gently and off you go! Using a CBD patch is as easy as putting on a Band-aid! If you want to read more about CBD pain Patches click here

CBD Vaping 

CBD E-liquids

E-cigarettes is a popular choice for getting your daily dosage of CBD. CBD e-liquids vaporises at approximately 200℃ which is perfect for use within an e-cig. It is nicotine free and does not produce a high. In conjunction with vaping, there is promising evidence that CBD use may help people to quit smoking.

When you inhale the CBD vapour, you’re allowing compounds originally produced by a plant to enter your body, travel through your bloodstream, and enter your brain. Other than intravenous application, it is one of the fastest methods of getting the benefits from the CBD oil.

Vaping cannabidiol is a discreet way of taking your CBD dose on-the-go without pulling out a tincture or bottle. No one will know you are taking CBD unless you tell them since CBD vape oil doesn’t have a distinct smell or look.  When it comes to choosing a CBD consumption method, there is no right or wrong answer. No matter how you choose to take it, you will benefit from its therapeutic qualities. The benefits of vaping CBD are clear if you want fast relief and convenience.

CBD Edibles

CBD Lollies

Simply put, an ‘edible’ is a consumable product containing CBD. Traditionally edibles have included treats like pot brownies, cookies, ‘space cakes,’ and so on. Since CBD products also come from the cannabis plant (mostly hemp plants), the terminology simply rolled over and now, tasty CBD-infused treats are also referred to as ‘edibles.’

CBD treats like lollipops, Gummy Bears, chocolate and chewing gum only contain cannabidiol and other hemp-based cannabinoids. In other words, they will not get you high.

You can even make these yourself by using oils or CBD isolate and cooking it up into a recipe of your choice. However, this can make dosing CBD accurately quite difficult. Instead, you can choose to buy a ready-made CBD edible.

CBD Capsules

Like any other type of capsule, CBD capsules or pills can be taken with water. This is a convenient way to use cannabidiol and for some people the only way, because they don’t like the taste of the oils. Typically, capsules will contain 5–25 milligrams of CBD. The actual cannabidiol uptake is less, compared to the tinctures. This is because the capsule has to go through the digestive tract and it can lose up to 50% of its’s effect on that journey.


CBD Water Soluble Powder

You are looking at what might possibly be the best and most versatile water-soluble Cannabinoid-rich hemp powder in the entire industry. FULL-SPECTRUM and NOT made from isolates or long lists of chemicals, but a simple and honest two-component mix of full-spectrum hemp extract, with plant-based protein…nothing else.

Apart from dissolving fully in water, in e-liquids, and in all water-based foods, it also offers a host of other value-added benefits: An increased bio availability of up to 16 fold depending on what you use it in, compared to CBD oil. Being completely free from hemp taste and aroma it suddenly becomes easy (especially for younger children) to get the benefits of Full Spectrum cannabidoil.

The cannabidiol powder fits into almost any imaginable product, such as dry supplements, beverages, foods and food bars, sports nutrition products and vape e-Liquids or even just as a high-grade GMP raw-material.

All in all, this product will give you all the benefits you gain from regular full spectrum oils, but with all the value-added benefits described. It will even give you full control over taste and aroma and eliminate the need to use unnatural isolates.

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CBD oil for ADHD?

Facts about this natural approach! Could CBD oil help ADHD?

CBD oil is a natural option which has been tried for everything from chronic pain to cancer.  Many parents with children with ADD and ADHD prefer a drop of the natural option the hemp plant has to offer, then turning to the hard drug treatments like Ritalin (Methylphenidate), which can cause dependency and have a lot of side-effects.

What is ADD and ADHD?

ADHD affects functioning skills which include important functions such as attention, concentration, learning from mistakes, impulsivity, hyperactivity, organization memory, motivation, and effort, and social skills. It’s actually an umbrella term for three different types:

  •  ADD is where the child or adult has trouble paying attention.
  • Hyperactive is where the child is frequently wild and out of control. They can be very talkative and super excited.
  • Combined is precisely what it sounds like, a combination of both of the two previous types of ADHD.

No matter what type of ADHD a person suffers from, it all results from signalling issues in the brain.

How can CBD oil help ADHD?

When you consume CBD oil, the plant compounds engage with two receptors in your body. These receptors, known as CB1 and CB2, have a direct effect on specific parts of your body.

brain receptoresCB1 is more present in the brain and is directly related to behaviour and mood. CB2 is more abundant in the immune system. It’s connected to pain and inflammation.

CBD oil for ADHD has been reported to block the activity of gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA). This allows the body to increase dopamine levels naturally which results in calmer and more relaxed behaviour.

Using CBD oil for ADHD is something to discuss with your doctor, but the benefits are showing up in multiple studies around the world.

Can CBD Oil treat ADHD? What Science says:

There is no scientific basis from which CBD could be recommended by a doctor for use as a treatment for ADHD, nor is there any data that could speak to which product or dose would be appropriate however……

Use of cannabis and CBD have been shown clinically to help in the management of troublesome behaviors which occur in ADHD.  A study was done in Germany (2015)* showed that many adults with ADHD prefer cannabis or CBD over pharmaceutical drugs treatment.  They feel the treatment is more natural, has milder side effects, and is more effective.

Another study** show the effect of CBD in children with ADHD. As an all-natural product derived from hemp, it has none of the unwanted side effects found in prescription medication, meaning it may be useful as a long-term replacement.




5% pure CBD oil could help!

5% CBD Oil

Pure 5% CBD oil is a good starting point. Our recommendation is to start low and go slow! More is not always better. Put a drop or two under the tongue and keep it in you mouth for at least a minute. If you child don’t like the taste you can mix it on a teaspoon of honey and let that mixture “melt” in the mouth. Do this morning and evening. If you don’t see any changed after a couple of days you can increase the dosage to 3 drops twice a day.

Pure CBD oil 5%

(500mg CBD/10ml Bottle

2.5mg CBD/drop

200 drops/bottle


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NEW – The CBD pain Patch to relieve you from your pain!

We love it when CBD and creativity join forces. It’s the result of our hard work and finally, we can offer some truly unique pain patches!

Advantages using the CBD Pain Patch

CBD patches for pain deliver the power and pain relieving CBD (Cannabidiol) into your bloodstream. This by absorbing through multiple layers of your skin. Other delivery methods like vaping CBD or taking edibles can reduce the bioavailability (amount of CBD going into your body). As the CBD compounds need to go through the respiratory or digestive system, before reaching your bloodstream. For example, if you take an 8 mg CBD orally, you will have less of the beneficial value than if you used an 8 mg CBD transdermal patch.

CBD Pain Patch dosage

Another major advantage that the patch is able to offer is you never have to remember when to take your next dosage oil. The patch goes to work automatically while you get on with your day, even if you travel a lot, works different shifts, sleeps late or is busy night and day raising a family. The ingredients are released into the skin over a timed release through absorption.

Additional benefit of using patches is that the CBD is supplied gradually and constantly, rather than in a large, single dose. Patches utilize the skin’s natural barrier properties in order to achieve a constant delivery cannabidiol and achieve steadier blood levels as compared to oils, vaping or edibles.

How does it work?How does it work?

Our skin is the largest organ we have. It covers and protects the body, regenerates when needed, and provides limited but essential penetration. The skin has three layers.

  1. The first layer is called the epidermis. The epidermis is the skin’s outermost layer. This is the layer that contains the primary barrier of the skin to the entry of foreign substances. The epidermis is the layer upon which a transdermal patch is placed.
  2. The second layer of the skin is called the dermis. It lies beneath the epidermis and contains connective tissue that gives the skin structure and strength. The dermis also contains sweat glands and hair follicles. This layer of skin transmits the CBD from the patch into the deepest layer.
  3. The deepest and third layer of skin is called the hypodermis. It is deeper tissue and is made of fat and more connective tissue. This layer contains blood vessels which also reach into the dermis and epidermis. These blood vessels are important in the transmission of CBD from the patch to the bloodstream.

CBD Pain Patch Product Description

You will get 2 sheets of 15 patches in a small handy resealable envelope. This is sufficient for 30 days of pain-relieving daily life. Each patch is 3.2 cm x 3.2 cm skin coloured and very discreet. Every 24 hours you must place the patch anywhere on the body that is hair free, non-greasy from creams and body lotions and covered by clothing. Each patch has 8mg of CBD, which is equivalent to 1 drop of or 15% CBD oil.

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