The Real CBD Dropshipping Programme

Join forces with Europe’s leading CBD dropshipping company to fulfill all your trading needs. You sell, and we ship your Cannabidiol (CBD) products to Europe, the UK, Canada, Mexico and The United States.

Your CBD dropshipping supplier

So how does it work? Is dropshipping CBD profitable?

Very good questions! Luckily, we are here to help you set up your dropshipping network. As a premium European CBD supplier, with +4 years of experience in the (wholesale) hemp industry, we strive to provide you support, insights, and tips to get your own CBD platform off the ground.

Product range

Running an e-commerce drop ship business is much easier, because you do not have to worry about physical products, managing stock and rent a warehouse, and the list of benefits goes on:

  • Packing and shipping your orders for you!
  • Tracking inventory for accounting reasons!
  • Continually ordering products and managing stock levels!
  • Paying sales tax, import duties, customs fees, etc.

This is how you get started immediately!

Getting started with our dropshipping program is easy. Contact our sales team by email, or use the form below here on this page. Please leave your business details, as we intend to contact you at the earliest opportunity – please allow for 48H process time. If you have any questions or additional notes, make sure to address them.  In addition, you will receive our dropshipping CBD content package. This includes marketing material, videos, product pictures, terms, and conditions etc.

Before you contact us make sure you have your domain name and your website in place. If you would like us to help you make a website please send and email to, and they will help you set up your page for a fee.


  • Get your domain name
  • Set up your website
  • Contact us for Terms and Conditions contract
  • Sign the contract and send it back to us
  • Download the link we sent you via WeTransfer
  • Start earning selling The Real CBD

Third-party lab test quality hemp

If a CBD brand or distributor operates correctly, it has the unprocessed substance tested in a laboratory and then turns it into a good end product. Understand what you’re buying. The only way you can do that is by viewing reports and certificates. To learn more about distinguishing good quality products, please read this blog about choosing the right CBD company.

Furthermore, when extracting the CBD from the hemp plant, it is important that they use a productive extraction process such as CO2: a low temperature in combination with a high-pressure technique. By means of this technique, the manufacturer is able to capture CO2 in a liquid state and efficiently extract the CBD and terpenes.

Choose from a wide range of popular CBD Products

Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products.
Choose from the following categories:


Dropshipping CBD – The most common questions answered

Is there a setup fee?

No. There is no setup fee. The service is free for the first 3 months

Can I cancel my agreement at any time?

Yes. If you ever decide that The Real CBD isn’t the product for your business, simply cancel your account by writing to 30 days before you want to cancel.

Is there a possibility to earn more in the future?

Yes. After 3 months, we will review your sales volume and depending on your numbers we can renegotiate your commission.

Do I have to sell the same products in-store as I do online?

No, you can choose exactly what products to sell online, in-store, or both.

Do drop shippers deal with customers directly?

As a shop owner, you will have to run your shop and deal with the customers 100% by your own.

How to take care of the RETURNS?

Please see the Terms and conditions in our contract

Where do I get all my material from?

Once you have agreed and signed the agreement, we will grant you access to the Drop shippers pack. This includes product pictures, videos, logo files, certificates of analysis, banners etc. If there is anything you would like us to create especially for you, we can, of course, do that too.

Can I set my own prices?

Yes, in theory, you can. We, however, recommend that you do not vary more than 10% either up or down from the RRP.

The Real CBD box example dropshipping CBD products

Do I need a license to sell The Real CBD?

Because The Real CBD is a branded product with a trademark you just need to sign the agreement where we allow you to resell The Real CBD.

Do I need to write the product description myself?

Yes and no. We do suggest you write your own product description because this will bring in more sales for sure. Product descriptions are either making your store visitor leave your store or making them purchase your product! The most important part of the product description is copywriting. Feel free to use our product description liberally – but make sure you do change it up a little bit, not to be an exact copy.

Is CBD legal?

All our products are produced in accordance to the European standards where it is allowed to have 0.2% THC in a full spectrum CBD product. All our products are lab tested to make sure this is the case. It is your responsibility to find out if CBD (cannabidiol) products are legal to sell in your country.