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We would like to update you on our 10 most popular and read blogs. The Real CBD are trying to answer most asked questions about CBD in a language everyone understands. Have a look here on what the majority of people around the world have been wanting information about.

No 1 – What is the difference of CBD and CBG oil

CBG …. the Mother of all cannabinoids. The cannabinoid that it all starts with. The cannabinoid that have helped many with their anxiety and depression. It has shown very good results with helping treat osteopena and osteoporosis. Want to know more……..


No 2 – CBG Oil – Why it is increasingly popular?

The science world keeps fining new benefits of CBG. Not only does it line up with all the benefits that CBD has, it is also showing great results in trials for glaucoma and muscle recovery.

CBG oil


CBG oil, why it is increasingly popular!

No 3 – Where to buy  pure CBD in Spain?

Not only where to buy pure CBD oil in Spain, but also in the rest of Europe. The Real CBD have expanded over the last year to UK, Germany and Denmark. We have set up a wholesale program  and affiliate program  to be able to help small or big business widen their product range and for individuals to become affiliates with a commission of 25%.


No 4 – CBD and its side effects

We are all so used to side effects when we have to take something to heal something else. And CBD is no different…… it would be lie if we said CBD didn’t have any side effects. However, the majority are mild and will  quickly go away. Read more here…….


No 5 – We proudly present our BEFORE and AFTER stories!

Not a lot to add. When a client returns with a smiling happy face because The Real CBD have either helped cure something or made someone’s life better – it makes our day. All our Trustpilot reviews are genuine and from the heart. Our blog has wonderful pictures to share too, see how skin conditions become better in a few days.


CBD Oil, before and after success stories

No. 6 – Crohn’s & Lymes Disease & Cancer

All of the above mentioned conditions can make life hard both for the patients and their familyies. CBD has in the past years made a significant positive impact on many lives with these conditions.

Here we share a bit of information on exactly that subject.


No 7 – CBG and winter depression

We have all been affected by it at some stage. Reaching the beginning of March and the days are still dull, dark and long. No need to think about anti-depressants… a few drops of CBG can often fix that problem.

CBG oil (winter) depression

CBG oil (Cannabigerol): prevent and combat (winter) depression

No 8 – Does CBD work for ADHD?

A very discussed subject and unfortunately there are not many clinical trials on this subject. However, from stories, interviews, and related material it is found that CBD works calming and relaxing for some of the people who suffer from ADHD.


No 9 – CBD for Runners and Athletes

When we wrote the blog about Pure CBD oil for Runners in January it was quite new that CBD oil is good for all sports people. It has a long list of good properties for body recuperation after sports. Pure CBD oil enables you to train longer and harder EVERY day. Just imagine how quickly you can reach that goal !!!!


No 10 – Can CBD cure cancer?

Wouldn’t that be nice? Unfortunately, CBD alone can not cure cancer. However, CBD can make life with cancer a lot easier and more comfortable and also help the side effects of chemo and radiation. Some say that THC (also from the cannabis plant) together with CBD can help cure cancer. Read more here…….



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