CBD oil athletes

CBD (cannabidiol), you see it everywhere now and the positive stories pop up everywhere. Even in the media, a lot of attention has been drawn lately. CBD oil has become a wildly popular (dietary) supplement that is getting attention. But is it also a product for athletes and professionals in the world of Sports?


What is CBD oil exactly?

It is a food supplement/herbal solution made from the non-psychoactive fiber hemp plant which can be widely applied and can provide relief in many different situations. In addition, the use of cannabidiol oil in sports is also becoming increasingly popular. CBD is not only used for fitness and strength training, but CBD is also becoming increasingly popular in top sport. Because we want to inform you as an athlete about nutritional supplements, we have set up a blog article, dedicated to an explanation of CBD oil.


VIDEO: CBD products for athletes: fitness and strength

CBD oil popular among athletes

Nowadays CBD oil is also often used by athletes. The use of CBD is becoming increasingly popular not only in fitness but also in top sport. There are many experiences to be found on the internet about athletes who use CBD for recovery after training. Since CBD is so popular among athletes and the reactions are overwhelming, several sports federations, including the NFL (American Football League) filed an application with the WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) to get CBD oil from the doping list. CBD was formerly a banned substance on the doping list. At the end of 2017 WADA announced, after much research, that CBD would be removed from the doping list from 1 January 2018. This is also the reason that more and more athletes choose the use of CBD.

Effect cannabidiol in sports

Many athletes know that a good night’s sleep and good nutrition is important for muscle recovery after exercise. There are already many reviews and experiences on the internet that indicate that CBD can positively influence the night’s rest and can help to relax. That is why many athletes and athletes choose to use CBD after training. A number of sports in which CBD is becoming increasingly popular are fitness, American Football, and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

CBD oil effect

At the moment there are many different studies on the effect of CBD oil. For example, there are several universities and institutions that focus on the effects of CBD on the body. One of the most striking researches is the 2013 study which was carried out by Saõ Paulo University. The research focused on the effects of CBD at sleep. The results of this study were overwhelming and showed that a higher dose of CBD can positively influence sleep and also help you sleep longer and deeper. Although the results are promising, no official claim can be made to the effect of CBD to this day.


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