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The Real CBD Powder versus CBD Oil: What’s the difference?

The introduction of our brand-new CBD Powder Capsules has not gone unnoticed. Nevertheless, many people wonder what the big difference is between The Real CBD in the powder form and the traditional CBD oil in tinctures.

CBD Powder versus CBD Oil

To make life easy, which we love doing here at The Real CBD, we list all the major differences between CBD Powder (Capsules) and CBD Oil. We also debunk a few myths about CBD Powder and some common misunderstandings about this relatively new product in the CBD-sphere.

  • CBD Powder is more versatile
  • CBD Powder works quicker
  • CBD Powder has no smell or taste
  • CBD Powder is smaller to carry
  • CBD Powder is easier to take
  • CBD Powder has higher bioavailability  than CBD Oil – you need less for better results

How to take CBD Powder Capsules

CBD Powder Myths and Misunderstandings

  • CBD Powder is not Full Spectrum

That is partly true for other brands on the market because the CBD powder (other than The Real CBD) often use products that are CBD Isolates. Continue reading to learn more about the difference between Isolate CBD, Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum CBD.

Molecule size

  • CBD Powder is not working as well as CBD Oil

Well…. if the CBD powder you use is Full Spectrum, it works as well as oil. The Real CBD Powder works better because the body absorbes more than when you use the oil. The particle size of the CBD oil is 2000 micro meters and the CBD in our Micro Encapsulated CBD Powder is 89 micro meter. Think of it as fine sieve….the smaller the particles the more goes through the sieve.

The  Real CBD Powder mixes easily in  your drinks or food and help you or your pet maintain homeostasis.

The difference between Isolate CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD and Full Spectrum CBD

If you are looking for CBD oil, you will come across the terms ‘Full Spectrum CBD’ and ‘Isolate CBD’ on a regular basis. What do these terms mean and what is the difference between Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Isolate?

CBD isolate is 99.9% pure CBD oil

During the CBD isolate extraction process, everything contained in the plant matter is removed, including any traces of THC, terpenes, waxes, oils, chlorophyll and more. What you’re left with is pure CBD…and nothing else.

Full Spectrum CBD oil

Full Spectrum CBD Oil, on the other hand, contains everything the plant contains. Full-spectrum CBD is full of all the terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids.

Broad-spectrum CBD oil

This is a little bit of both. Broad-spectrum CBD is full-spectrum CBD without any THC.

Full Spectrum CBD contains a full profile of cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. These include CBG, CBDA, CBC, CBGA, and so on. All hemp products must have a THC percentage lower than 0.2% in order to be sold legally in most of Europe.

Why should you choose a Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

This has everything to do with the entourage effect. All cannabinoids together in the Full Spectrum CBD influence each other, so this effect occurs. This effect refers to how all the components together are stronger than when taken independently.

In addition to all the different cannabinoids, hemp also contains other substances, such as terpenes, vitamins, chlorophyll and flavonoids. These different substances also have their own special properties.

Here at The Real CBD we believe that Full Spectrum CBD is the best option – We do however have THC free products for countries that do not allow any THC.