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Runners and other athletes bodies do have special needs. The intense daily workout can put a huge strain on various muscle groups in the body while preparing for a major race or competition.  Pure CBD oil for runners can help improve recovery from pain, muscle recovery and other effects of intense physical training.

Pure CBD oil, or cannabidiol, is one of the more than 114 cannabinoids found in hemp. It interacts directly with your endocannabinoid system to make your own body the ultimate “healing” machine.

10 reasons why runners should use CBD products

CBD is commonly used as a pain reliever. It’s mainly helpful when runners need quick relief from pain during or immediately after a workout.

Pure CBD binds to the body’s endocannabinoid receptors in various parts of the body, resulting in a reduction in the sensation of pain in the brain and muscles. Endocannabinoid receptors also increase anandamide levels, which, in turn, produce a pain killing effect.

2. Prevent Inflammation

Runners and other athletes face the problem of inflammation almost every day they practice or do hard physical exercise. Instead of using well-known creams that can have a burning sensation, CBD topical creams can provide fast, soothing relief.

Pure CBD oil works as an anti-inflammatory agent.¹ Using CBD balm and oil in conjunction can prevent joint injury. CBD can suppress swelling by decreasing the rate at which specific skin cells multiply. The cannabinoids in pure CBD oil can also inhibit the production of cytokines (small category of proteins that are used in cell signaling).

3. Sleep and Relax for Full Muscle Recovery

Sleeping well does wonder for your recovery

Cannabinoids in hemp can have a sedative effect on most users.² Taking hemp drops with min. The 10% CBD Oil can provide a better sedative effect than popular sedative drugs. Athletes and Runners who enjoy the deep sleep from CBD will experience better muscle recovery and faster muscle growth. When combined with MCT oil you will get double benefits for muscle recovery.

4. Eliminate Nausea

After training hard for hours, athletes can feel a nauseating sensation coming from their stomach. Pure CBD oil has well known anti-emetic effects that can prevent vomiting.

The gastrointestinal tract has its own endocannabinoid receptors that bind to the cannabinoids in CBD oil. The fastest relief usually comes by vaping . Runners may also use CBD oil tinctures to avoid the irritating effect of inhaling CBD.

5. Reduce Cramps and Muscle Spasms

Athletes and runner can often experience muscle spasms and cramps due to repeated use of the same muscles. Muscle spasms are contractions, which takes place suddenly without the control of the person involved. They could last for a short time or be long and crippling.

Applying CBD to the affected muscles can provide pain relief. CBD oil or topical creams can cut the pain and make the muscles relax.

CBD topicals work on virtually all muscle groups, including the neck, arms, glutes, legs and other parts of the body. It will diminish cramps and spasms by reducing the inflammation that occurs around strained or injured muscles.

The cannabinoids in CBD oil connect the endocannabinoid receptors and alter the body’s inflammatory response. This provides an anti-inflammatory effect and prevents any further damage to the muscles and surrounding tissues.

6. Protect the Brain From Damage

In addition to reducing inflammation around muscles, CBD can also reduce inflammation in vital organs such as the brain, heart and lungs. Athletes who take Pure CBD oil before having a traumatic brain injury are more likely to survive than those who don’t. Any athlete who suffers a severe brain injury can avoid a severe concussion by using a hemp oil product like CBD oil.

7. To Recover Faster From Injuries

Shin splinters and torn ligaments are common injuries of runnners

When athletes are injured, their instinct would be to reach for over-the-counter painkillers like Ibuprofen or Paracetamol. Such painkillers will provide temporary relief from pain, but they have no impact on the time it takes to recover.

Taking CBD products not only stops the pain, but it helps the body recover faster. CBD can improve the healing of all tissues and cells in the body because of its interaction with the endocannabinoid system.

8. Boost the Immune System

During the weeks before a major competition, most athletes go through intense training. Practicing for a long time can have specific side effects on the body including weakening the immune system. CBD products can help boost the immune system. Hemp is rich in antioxidants, which can help the body fight infection. The antioxidants also improve heart health, so athletes can cope with the strain of training and still perform well.

9. Prevent Game Day Anxiety

Anxiety and nerves can set you back on your performance!

As game day or an important competition is drawing closer,  it’s common for athletes to get a bit nervous. But they can reduce this anxiety by taking pure CBD oil, which is also a potent anti-depressant. If this is the main freight for the athlete, The Real CBD recommend taking CBD/MCT oil 18% for a minimum of 2 weeks before the competition. This is to fill up the endocannabinoid system – it will make you calmer, more focused and in top form for your important day.

10.  Lower cortisol levels with CBD/MCT oil

MCT/CBD oil available in 18% and 7% strength depending on how often you train. After trial on several athletes and professional sports people we have seen a significant decrease in their cortisol levels. CBD oil (that’s the form of the most popular CBD extracts) has a surprising effect in terms of its ability to reduce stress. In fact, CBD was found in a study to interfere with the secretion of cortisol, reducing blood levels significantly.³  Your endocrine system consists of glands throughout your body which regulate everything from energy levels to metabolism to sex drive. One major function of this system is to produce excitation in response to stress, which is of course necessary for survival, but when it gets out of hand it can be a source of excess stress. One big effect of cannabidiol in the endocrine system seems to be to protect against excess stress by reducing susceptibility to stress-induced activity i.e. the release of the hormone cortisol. CBD significantly decreases cortisol levels.

What to look for when buying CBD oil!

It is important to know what CBD oil you are buying, and to spend a little time researching the company or brand you chose is well worth it. Make sure that the company offers a thirty party lab test which contains ALL the cannabinoids incl. the legal amount of THC. This is necessary to get the “entourage effect” because all the cannabinoids work together. If you can find some genuine testimonials or reviews from Trust Pilot you can judge yourself if the company is trustworthy. Usually “you get what you pay for”, If you find an oil dead cheap, it most probably does not have the CBD in it it states. The CO2 extraction is an expensive process and when you use the hemp flowers only (not the stalks and leaves) you need a lot to get a small amount of concentrated CBD. Read more about what to look for when you buy pure CBD oil here

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