CBD Oil success stories

On this page, we describe various success stories from our customers.

CBD pet oil Solution

Louie is a thirteen year old much loved – (but then aren’t they all?) Yorkshire Terrier, who has been struggling with an arthritic shoulder for the past two years.  This was made worse by Louie suffering two cruciate ligament collapses – both rear legs – owing to an ongoing weight issue, much to his owner’s shame.

The weight is now under control, but until recently his shoulder was still a problem with the vet advising that Louie should only be given short 10-minute walks, and his owner even buying a doggy buggy. She was understandably very concerned about Louie’s future.

Since starting taking the CBD Oil on a daily basis – just two drops a day,  Louie’s owner has noticed a huge difference in his gait and is amazed to report he is even running again. Something she hadn’t seen him doing for at least a couple of years.  He appears more comfortable and is very happy to walk/run quite a good distance.  A marked and very happy change. This success story was shared by a very well-known and reputable dog trainer in the UK who wishes to stay anonymous. She is, for years now, a loyal customer of The Real CBD

CBD pet oil Solution – 2

This is an image of another lovely dog called Missy. She suffers terribly from sore feet. The poor animal! In the past, it had been frantically chewing at its sore feet to the point they were bleeding. Missy had been in a cone for 2 weeks to prevent her doing any further damage.

Thankfully, Missy was given CBD pet solution. After 2 days of taking the CBD oil, the cone was removed and Missy stopped chewing her sore paws. As you can clearly see in the picture, after just 2 days taking the pet CBD oil, the red soreness is much reduced. Missy’s bosses are both amazed and pleased with the results and it made them decide to continue the dosage of The Real CBD pet Solution.

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cbd oil before and after

CBD Healing Balm

Another popular product, besides our full spectrum organic CBD oil, is our special CBD Balm. This produts ideal for improving the state of your skin! Our natural healing balm based on organic hemp CBD, can be a huge benefit to your skin. In addition to daily skin care, the nourishing and restorative skin balm can also be used to treat and soften skin in insect bites, blisters or burns.  Additionally, cannabidiol (CBD) has antioxidant properties and could slow down the aging of the skin and the formation of wrinkles.

CBD Healing Balm is effective against

CBD balm have shown very beneficial to acne, psoriasis (see pictures below) and eczema. Apply several times a day on effected areas.  This can also be used free on baby skin, children or animals. Only for superficial skin treatments.

cbd oil before and after
cbd oil before and after
cbd oil before and after
cbd oil before and after