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When you want to use CBD for the first time, it can be difficult to choose the CBD oil that best suits your needs. There’s so much about CBD online, it’s like a maze! That is why we have created a useful SURVEY to find the best CBD product for your needs…

Which CBD product should you choose?

In order to find the answer to this question, we feature a brand-new survey on our website. This survey can be found right here, and at the bottom of this page. Please take 2 minutes to answer the (multiple-choice) questions and you get a direct, expert-advice on what CBD Oil or product you should choose. If you leave us your contact details, we also provide you with a 15% discount code for your first purchase. We will send you 1 summary e-mail after. This email will introduce our CBD-expert and allows you to get personal advice too. 100% free and non-obligatory.

1. Production of CBD oil

CBD oil is made from industrial hemp. Industrial hemp contains a relatively large amount of cannabidiol. In addition, the THC content in industrial hemp is negligible.

The industrial hemp is first made into a type of oil with a very high concentration of CBD. This is then diluted with vegetable oil, so that very accurate dosing of CBD is possible.

2. Choosing CBD oil

Not only because of the overkill of information about CBD on the internet, it can be difficult to choose the right CBD oil, but also because it is very personal which oil suits someone best. That’s why below we cover the most important things to look out for when choosing the right oil with CBD.

CBD can be used by adults, children or pets.

cbd products for people and pets

3. CBD products

Among the general public, CBD oil is the best-known product containing cannabidiol, but there are other useful products containing CBD. The most common CBD products are:

CBD oil

In our assortment, you will find a wide range of CBD oils of various quality brands and with different concentrations of cannabidiol.

CBD patches

The CBD patches should not be stuck on a wound. The plasters gradually release CBD. Your skin then absorbs the CBD. This is how the CBD enters your body.

CBD capsules

These are capsules to swallow. The capsules are filled with CBD oil.

CBD skincare products

CBD can be added to all kinds of care products, for example, CBD-infused cream, massage oil and hand soap.

CBD for pets

In addition to CBD oil for pets, this also includes CBD lozenges for dogs and cats.

CBD water-soluble powder

CBD powder is pretty much the ‘new kid on the block. It is gaining fast popularity because it is odourless and tasteless, and its versatile qualities. You can mix the cannabidiol powder in any hot/cold drinks, meals shakes, or even take it straight from the capsule.


4. CBD oil safety

Because CBD oil is a relatively young product, many people have questions about safety related to the use of CBD. Safety is also an important value for us. That’s why we cover the most important safety concerns that people have.

No risk of a high
As soon as one finds out that the basic ingredients of CBD come from the cannabis plant (fibre hemp plant), this raises the question for some people: can you get high from CBD oil?

Let’s get this misunderstanding out of the air once and for all: It is impossible to get high from CBD. Our CBD oil contains no THC or a negligible amount of THC.

5. Reliability

Another point that many people struggle with has to do with the reliability of the seller of CBD and/or the reliability of the information offered about CBD. That is why we will deal with these two aspects below.

Seller reliability
When purchasing goods online, a common question is: to what extent can the seller be trusted? Are the purchased goods actually delivered? Can I rely on timely delivery? Is payment secure? Etc.

Naturally, this care is not limited to the sale of CBD products. In fact, for each type of webshop, it is wise to check whether you are dealing with a reliable party.

Below is a checklist of things you can look out for to check the reliability of an online CBD store:

Should you buy cbd online? Or in local store

Survey: Find the CBD product that works for you!

Take our 2-minute survey below and we will reveal directly what the best CBD product is for your goal, ailment or condition. Op top of that, we will give you a unique 15% DISCOUNT CODE that you can use for your first purchase.

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Here at The Real CBD, we are all about helping people. ALL PEOPLE. Irrelevant of your age, gender or life goal you might have. Moreover, we can help improve the life of your furry loved-ones. Please visit this page for more information about CBD and pets.

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