CBD oil effective against anxiety

How can you use pure CBD oil against anxiety and panic, and experience less frightening physical symptoms?

Everyone has fears or is sometimes afraid of something. Fear of failure, social anxiety in company or groups, fear of stains, being afraid to be left alone, and violent panic attacks are examples of this. Needless to say, you want to get away from these situations as quickly as possible. In the event of imminent danger, fear is a normal reaction when it comes from outside. But fear and panic are becoming a serious problem when it comes from within. Cannabidiol, pure CBD oil can provide you more mental rest and reduce your symptoms in case of anxiety and panic disorder.

What are the causes of anxiety and panic?

So far, no clear cause has been found why some react more violently than others in the same situation or with the same thought. Experts believe a combination of factors are responsible: Biological factors that make the nerves more sensitive to experiencing anxiety. Panic is also often accompanied by an accelerated breathing and heartbeat so that one loses confidence in the body. All these complaints eventually lead to new symptoms in the body, which keep the fear and panic in place.

Can pure CBD oil help manage anxiety?

CBD Oil is a mixture of cannabinoid (CBD) and vegetable oil. CBD (cannabinoid) is an ingredient extracted from the hemp plant. If you worry a lot about all sorts of things and can not let go, you may have a generalized an anxiety disorder. People who suffer from an anxiety disorder also often sleep badly, because they ponder a lot in the evening and at night. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid substance known to have a wide range of beneficial benefits. Together with the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, pure CBD oil provides a pleasant rest and stimulates feelings of relaxation. Various findings support that CBD oil can indeed provide genuine relief to people who have anxiety, panic attacks, or even suffer from chronic pain.

Can CBD oil – anxiety success stories

Pure CBD oil has a large number of benefits for anxious people who quickly panic. CBD acts as a phytocannabinoid (read vegetable cannabinoid) the same as the endocannabinoid that is produced by your own body (endo stands for the body’s own). The vegetable molecules, cannabinoids in CBD oil offef, as it were, the same key to natural rest as the self-produced endocannabinoid. It helps to keep the stress reactions under control.

CBD oil effective against anxiety

Pure CBD oil – anxiety success story from the Big Apple

The first success story we want to share with you is a recent one, published in the well-known Red Magazine. In the article, Angie Parker, an award-winning weaver of rugs living in New York, shares her CBD oil experiences of with blogger Meg Mathews, ex-wife of Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher. Mathews explains:

Angie is a health nut. Everything in her cupboards is organic, from the food she eats to the creams she puts on her skin. She’s also the first to try anything new. So, when I noticed her squeezing a funny coloured liquid under her tongue every evening, I wasn’t surprised. I asked her what it was and she told me it was CBD oil.

CBD products are all the rage in the US and it is helping Parker to deal with anxiety and sleep problems. The convincing story of Parker, who befriended Mathews years earlier, was reason enough for the writer to get interested, as she suffered a horrible period with the menopause.

 I had practically every symptom going and suffered from the most crippling anxiety ever felt in my entire life. I didn’t leave the house for months (I told everyone I had the glandular fever) and I wasn’t sleeping. Every morning, I woke up with severe joint pain every morning and generally felt like I was falling apart.

Luckily for Mathews, the tip from her friend turned out to be a golden one

So, I thought I’d give the CBD oil a go. I was worried at first that I might get high by taking it. But the good news is, you can’t get high by taking CBD oil because there is no THC in it and it’s the THC that makes you high (that’s what makes it legal too).I ordered the 10% strength and waited for it to arrive. At first, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. But I took the drops every day and hoped for the best. Angie told me that it could take up to 21 days for me to see the effects. I’m naturally a very impatient person but I made myself stick to the schedule of taking them every day.

The change

I took 3 drops in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening. Within about 5-10 days I noticed that I had more energy especially in the mornings and my joint pain was improving. By day 15, my anxiety levels were dropping, my energy levels were higher than they’d been in a while and my joint pain was all but gone.The biggest change came around day 21. I noticed something incredible. My anxiety was basically gone.

Mathews is now using the CBD oil for three months and she feels amazing. Many of her friends are asking about it.

There are gummy bears, oils, sprays for muscle and joint pain and moisturising cream. All I can say is, give it a try, stick to it for 21 days and see how you feel. It worked for me!

What are the benefits of cannabidiol, CBD in anxiety and panic

    • The phytocannabinoids in pure CBD oil provides natural relaxation as endocannabinoids CBD gives you more quiet feelings
    • Your anxiety and panic are favorably influenced by cannabidiol and it gives you a good mental balance
  • Makes you less nervous

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