CBD for Golfer

VIDEO – CBD Oil for Golfers? Yeah right…whatever. It may seem lightyears apart, (professional) golf and the often unknown world of CBD, but you might be in for a hell of a surprise!

CBD for Golfers?

A growing list of Tour players endorse the use of CBD products. While people are busy discussing the benefits, either real or perceived, the use of CBD Oil in Golf is difficult to ignore.

As known by many, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn’t allow companies to market CBD products – which range from hemp-oil extracts to gummies – as treatments or cures for diseases like epilepsy, diabetes and Alzheimer’s, or psychiatric issues like anxiety or depression. Yet, its growing popularity is a fact. And although the Tour has no estimates on CBD use among Tour players, anecdotally the product’s popularity has increased dramatically over the last 12 months. Due to its immense worldwide popularity, the trend is spreading to the world of amateur golf.

Phil Mickelson

But let’s stick to the world of professional golf for now. Legendary pro Phil Mickelson was spotted lurking at the Masters at nearly 49 years old, back in April. He is always experimenting with new things to try to stay young, powerful and a step ahead of the competition. That includes increasing his swing speed using Super Speed Golf, chewing gum during his round and, potentially, taking CBD oil!

During the 2019 Masters (April 2019), a number of fans spotted Mickelson using a pipette to put a few drops of a liquid from a bottle into his mouth. He wasn’t trying to flaunt he was doing it, perhaps because it looks a little strange to the casual observer. However, to fans who have used CBD oil or have seen others use it, they knew right away what they thought they saw.

Mickelson hasn’t himself mentioned if he’s using CBD oil.


The Real CBD Golf Solution

The Real CBD Golfers oil was created by golfers looking for a natural, organic way to improve their game and just feel better! 1500mg of pure organic full spectrum CBD.

Gain an edge by improving your focus, with less stress in your backswing and putting stroke. Recover faster, perform better.  Golfers CBD oil is custom formulated for golfers aiming to increase their focus, reduce stress, relieve anxiety, help treat inflammation, and aid in restful, restorative sleep.

Golfers Oil 15%

We use only organically grown hemp to produce The Real CBD, bringing nature’s healing properties to you and your game. The Real CBD Golfers oil 15%, has proven very beneficial for golfers and people who do sports. We have chosen MCT as a carrier oil because of the amazing results we have seen with our Athletes oil. All tried and tested!!

CBD oil is known to reduce inflammation and have a painkilling effect. It can help prevent and protect against activity-based damage as a daily herbal solution. Just take this as you would your daily multi-vitamin – and see your health and game improve

Golfers CBD Brochure Download

Discover how CBD Oil can increase your accuracy, reduce pain and improve your overall game!


Golfers CBD oil

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