Stoned door CBD?

Nee, CBD is een niet psychoactieve plantensoort die GEEN stonedheid veroorzaakt en CBD is niet te zien bij een drugstest.

Is CBD legaal?

Ja, al onze CBD producten zijn 100% legaal volgens de EU legalisatie standaards. Geen van onze producten bevat meer dan 0.2% THC.

Kan ik overdoseren?

CBD en andere cannabinoïden zijn niet toxisch en er is nooit een fataal overdosis niveau gerapporteerd.

Hoe CBD innemen?

Voor iedereen hebben we wel een geschikt CBD product. Je kunt bij ons goede cbdolie kopen in vele vormen. Voor meer informatie over de dosering klik hier!

Original CBD-olie kopen van 100% plantaardig gebasseerde CBD producten gemaakt door de natuur. CBD olie Nederland.

Veel Gestelde Vragen

Weet je niet welke CBD dosis bij je past? Wil je weten of het helpt bij jouw specifieke klachten of bij gebruik voor sport? Of misschien wil je weten of je het ook aan je geliefde huisdier kan geven? Wellicht wil je ook weten wat cbdolie voor effect geeft op stress, angst en depressies?  Voor algemene CBD olie werkingen lees nu onze veel gestelde vragen pagina voor meer informatie.

Wat zeggen mensen over The Real CBD producten?

It’s really working! I’ve been on steroids and antibiotics for 5 years for my chronic sinus issues which caused swelling in my nose.  The steroids I was taking helped stop the swelling but with 15mg CBD I could breathe normally and my hands are much less swollen after just 4 nights without steroids. This might be my cure!

Unknown - Surrey, UK

Oh my gosh! I am sleeping so much better. 2 nights ago I forgot to take it in the evening and I was back to tossing and turning also the inflammation in my facet joint in my lower back is not as painful. I am totally converted!

Sonia - Esher, UK

I’m sleeping so much better and I feel alert and full of energy. I even started CrossFit again. I’ve been recommending it to all my friends!

Phillip - Costa del Sol, Spain

Ever since I started taking CBD oil I’ve not only been sleeping better but in general I have just had so much more energy. For someone who hits a lot of low energies during the day this has changed my life…making me a happier person.

Anne MetteCobham

Thank you for introducing me to The Real CBD! I have had a great response to the drops with reduced inflammation in my knees. I can now play tennis without worrying about having to have recovery days and taking ibuprofen to ease the pain! I also used the ointment on some potential skin cancer spots I had been treating with special cream and I believe it helped the spots heal faster. I am sleeping better too- it is wonderful! Thank you & best of luck! A very happy customer


“After struggling to find a genuine CBD product, a friend introduced me to The Real CBD. I am so happy and use it every day just like a vitamin supplement. A great prevention and cure for so many ailments. Even my skin, hair and nails are stronger! Thanks guys”

AllisonMarbella - Spain

 “I researched many company’s for CBD before arriving at TheRealCBD’s door.  Their expertise and commitment to quality and organic products are impressive! My traumatised rescue dog is now playing with other dogs in the park – the first time in the two years of having her!  Just 3 drops of CBD a day had immediate impact. CBD has  been a game changer for me too and I can’t recommend The Real CBD highly enough. Thank you Hanne and your team for giving me a new lease of life.”

M and my furry friendSurrey - UK

Thank you so much for the oil, I am overwhelmed with the positive effect is has had on my health and well being.

    • Overall my energy level is higher and more stable throughout the day, which has helped me reduce the sugar cravings!
    • I am sleeping so well.
    • I definitely feel much calmer.
  • I used to suffer from headaches from tension in my neck and shoulders.  Using the oil has completely reduced the tension and I rarely suffer from headaches these days plus it is saving me a fortune on massages!
PippaCosta del Sol

I am one of what I believe to be many of your success stories. I thought it important to share this so people who are not sure, can know of my great joy. I have been using the CBD Oil for 4 months now. I have had incredible results with the inflammation in my hands and feet due to arthritis. For some time my hands were quite painful and swollen and I was unable to use them as normal. The pain in my feet made walking difficult. I was unable to sew, knit or crochet which I missed. This has all changed and I am once again happily making projects, walking with more comfort and no longer having the terrible pain and inflammation. I know it has helped many of my friends and would recommend it highly for those who have not found any other results for similar problems. Your web site is very informative and your on-line chats of great help. Thank you for producing this great product. I am a very happy customer. Kindest regards, Nancy Louer

Nancy LouerA Happy Customer