The CBD world grows every day and new brands come and go. Some CBD products are made at home in the kitchen and sold through a variety of channels, while others are created in production-grade factories and are lab tested. For newbies, it can be very overwhelming to decide where to find suitable products and which ones you can trust.

What CBD product is best for me?

What is actually in that bottle you are willing to pay a small fortune for? Browsing through an endless amount of products with names you can’t even pronounce can get tiresome and make you feel lost, leading you to give a shot in the dark and still feel uncertain about what you are buying or just give up altogether. This article is an overview of what The Real CBD has to offer with guidelines for which product is best suited to you. This should help you on your journey of finding your perfect CBD product. Before we walk you through the full range of CBD products, let’s highlight all the products and their unique properties. The icons on the horizontal axis indicate the product. More information about the products can be found when scrolling down!

CBD Product Infographic


The ultimate Real CBD Product guide

So, now we know what CBD products are most common, and which are used to battle a long list of diseases and conditions. Next, we are going to explain the qualities of each product. We differentiate the following categories:

Many people consider taking CBD oil to help treat:


3% pure CBD oil

3% CBD Oil (300mg CBD in a 10ml dropper bottle)

The 3% CBD oil is good for general body maintenance and can improve overall well-being. It is not a very strong oil so it is a good choice, to begin with, a discover if CBD is something for you. As it is a starting oil you cannot expect to see any major changes, but it is great to start off your journey with CBD. Our pure CBD oil guarantees you a high-quality nutritional supplement derived from European Hemp plants, grown in organic soil.

5% pure CBD oil

5% CBD Oil (500mg CBD in 10ml dropper bottle)

The 5% pure CBD oil is good when taken for preventive purposes along with maintaining a healthy, general well-being. It is known to help issues such as high blood pressure or minor inflammation. If you suffer from IBS, Crohn’s disease or Celiac disease without symptoms which are too severe, this oil will be perfect for you. Our body relies on the Endocannabinoid system to stay in homeostasis; an internal balance maintained despite the external ups and downs in life. At times, the body doesn’t produce enough cannabinoids to combat these fluctuations. Adding CBD oil to your wellness routine helps to keep the cannabinoid levels in check.

10% CBD oil

10% CBD Oil (1000mg CBD in 10ml dropper bottle)

The Real CBD’s 10% CBD oil has many benefits. It can help improve your sleep, reduce inflammation and relieve menopausal symptoms. It gives a generally positive influence on your overall well-being and is also useful for reducing pain associated with arthritis. The CBD is produced in an organic and natural way. The harvest is hand-picked and converted into a high-quality CBD product. The flavour of this organic full spectrum product can be described as nutty and herbal.

15% pure CBD oil

15% CBD Oil (1500mg CBD in 10ml dropper bottle)

This high-strength oil contains high levels of CBDa, which is the acid form of cannabidiol which has shown positive results in relieving pain associated with arthritis. This active ingredient is often lost during production; however, our product is able to maintain the CBDa perfectly thanks to our production process which avoids excessively high temperatures. This product has also shown many benefits for people in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis. The 15% pure CBD oil is our best seller because of its wide range of benefits.

CBG oil

CBG/CBD Oil (8%CBG/6%/CBD in 10ml dropper bottle)

CBG oil has helped many with their anxiety and depression. It is showing positive results with Huntington’s Disease and IBS patients. Acceleration of bone growth after breaking a bone has also been a positive result of taking this product, along with helping osteoporosis patients. The fast-moving, competitive society engulfed in social media we live in today is leading many youngsters to suffer from anxiety and depression, and CBG oil has shown outstanding results in helping them. CBG interacts directly with the neurological receptors in the brain and re-connects the “broken circuits”.

25% CBD oil

25% CBD Oil (2500mg CBD in 10ml dropper bottle)

Pure 25% CBD oil is used to help chemo and radiation patients restore balance. It helps to relieve pain related to Fibromyalgia and MS and helps blood sugar levels in Diabetes II. It is a very potent oil with many benefits. Parkinson’s patients have seen vast improvements in their daily quality of life on this specific CBD oil.

60% CBD paste

60% CBD Paste (6000mg CBD in 10gr syringe)

High concentration CBD/CBDa paste is a very potent CBD product, normally used to help with extreme pain or for cancer patients going through chemo or radiation. As a result of it’s high strength it is extremely useful when it comes to inflammation. MS patients and cancer patients can improve their daily lives and reduce the symptoms of their diseases.

Pet Solution

CBD Pet Solution (350mg CBD in a 10ml dropper bottle)

This CBD oil is specially designed for pets. It helps your pets fight health conditions, anxiety, phobias and improves the general quality of life. Dogs and cats have a much faster metabolism so you will see improvements very quickly. You can place the drops in their food or on a treat. We all just want our pets to feel good! This oil can help your furry friend maintain a lustrous, shiny coat while also targeting the digestive system and energy levels. An overall winner for pets!

Athlete MCT/CBD oil 7% mint flavour

7% CBD/MCT Oil (Athlete Oil) (700mg CBD in 10ml dropper bottle)

Our Athlete oils are specially created with focus on muscle restoration and anti-inflammation after an intense workout. The carrier oil is MCT oil known for its benefits within the sports world. The 7% oil is developed for people who train 2-3 times a week with moderate intensity.


18% CBD/MCT Oil (Athlete Oil) 1800mg CBD in 10ml dropper bottle)

The 18% Athlete oil is already our best seller and became famous in the sports world. The fact that it can reduce D.O.M.S for athletes and sports professionals who do intense training 4-7 days a week and restore the muscles quickly is a huge welcome in the training society. The reports are that sleep is better and cortisol levels are lowering meaning that intense training is possible without all the negative side effects.

5% CBD oil with turmeric and black pepper

5% CBD Oil with Turmeric & Black Pepper (500mg CBD/200mg Turmeric in 10ml dropper bottle)

This combination is a match made in heaven. The black pepper provides a better absorption of turmeric through the body. The potential health benefits of turmeric (curcumin) include better regulation of inflammation. It can be used in the treatment of numerous inflammatory conditions thanks to its fantastic anti-inflammatory effects.

10% CBD oil with turmeric and black pepper10% CBD Oil with Turmeric & Black Pepper(1000mg CBD/200mg Turmeric in 10ml dropper bottle)

This powerful formula is designed to help support a healthy lifestyle. Turmeric has been used traditionally in both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for a myriad of health benefits. The active compounds in Turmeric are called curcuminoids, which includes the notable curcumin, known for its powerful antioxidant activity. Clinical trials have found it to be more effective than a placebo for relieving pain and swelling in people with osteo-and rheumatoid arthritis.

CBD sleep solution

Sleep Solution (500mg CBD/ 200mg Melatonin in 10ml dropper bottle)

The Sleep Solution is great for better and deeper sleep. 1 drop has 1mg of Melatonin for easy dosage. Together with CBD’s calming and relaxing effect you get a “double” effect. This oil should only be taken before bedtime. You can combine this oil with a daytime oil from our CBD combo pack 1,2 or 3.


100% THC Free CBD Oil (1500mg CBD in 10ml dropper bottle)

An oil created for people who regularly go through drug testing in their work or at the sports club. This oil is made with CBD Isolates and organic olive oil ONLY and is 100% THC free.

120mg CBD Balm (120mg CBD in 30ml jar)

This balm is a fantastic help for minor skin conditions such as dry patches, redness or smaller wrinkles. It is beeswax based so it gives moisture and provides the skin with vitamins and minerals.

300mg CBD Balm (300mg CBD in 30ml jar)

This balm is great for localized pain, applied to skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, or to help sooth your arthritis. This potent balm has shown many good results on acne and problematic skin. The balm comes with a lovely lavender scent and will last you a long time.

100mg CBD eliquid100mg CBD E-liquid (100mg CBD in a 10ml bottle)

This bottle gives approx. 200 drops. Vaping CBD is a very affordable, direct and convenient option for your daily CBD intake. We have chosen to make our E-liquid flavourless so you can blend it with your favourite E-liquid flavour.

150mg CBD eliquid

150mg CBD E-Liquid (150mg CBD in a 10ml bottle)

A slightly stronger E-liquid for people with periodical normal lung and respiratory illnesses such as the common cold, bronchitis or throat infections. CBD E-liquid is considered the most bioavailable way to take Cannabidiol. This is because it enters the bloodstream via the lung capillaries quicker than it would if it’s ingested in food via the stomach with drops.

500mg CBD E-Liquid (150mg CBD in a 10ml bottle)

Full spectrum CBD e-juice means it is made from the whole cannabis plant. This ensures that as well as Cannabidiol, the source also contains terpenoids, (terpenes) which have their own physiological benefits too from anti-anxiety to anti-inflammatory properties. This product is ideal for all kinds of lung patients, from asthma to chronic bronchitis to COPD. The CBD can dilate the airways, inhibit possible inflammations, and normalize mucus production. It often reduces the coughing stimulus. By inhaling CBD in this way, it goes directly to the spot, and the effect is faster and more effective. Use is not limited to just this group, because CBD has a general analgesic and (muscle) relaxing effect. It can also provide relief in case of headaches.

CBD Pain Patches

CBD Pain Patches (8mg CBD in each patch)

We are proud to finally offer the CBD Pain Patch. It is a premium quality transdermal patch with 8mg of CBD, which stays on the skin for 24h. The body heat activates the slow release of the CBD which will enter your bloodstream almost immediately. A superbly developed patch with the finest skin-friendly adhesive on the market together and the highest quality carrying film.

25mg CBD lollies in various colours and tasts

CBD Lollipops (25mg CBD in 40g Lollipop)

CBD edibles have always been popular. Our lollies come in many flavours and are an easy and convenient method to get your daily dosage of CBD, especially if you’re on the move. We have minimized the amount of sugar by using pectin to get the best consistency. As this product still contains sugar, we recommend only to use it when necessary and not as a daily addition to your CBD regime.

CBD Capsules 6mg pr. capsule

CBD Capsules (6mg CBD per capsule)

CBD in the form of a soft gel capsule. Easy and discreet to use! CBD capsules are an ideal option to quickly and easily get a dose of healthy CBD especially when travelling. Inside each capsule is the thick CBD extract. Extracted from organic hemp plants using Supercritical CO2 method, it then goes through a gentle cold filtration process. The result is CBD Extract in its most complete form with nothing added or taken away.

Capsule pouch with capsules infront

Water Soluble CBD Powder 2.8% in Capsules – Full Spectrum

Micro encapsulated Full Spectrum cannabinoids with 5 times bioavailability to conventional CBD oil.

Free from taste and aroma of hemp and can be mixed in any drink, smoothie, coffee or tea. Simply open the capsules and you can sprinkle it over your food, or use it in your cooking. Adding it to your e-liquids when vaping or even adding it to your pets food. Mix it into your face creams or body lotion. You can of course also just take the capsule as it is.

This CBD powder is probably the most versatile cannabidiol product on the market without being GMO or NANO technology. Allowing you to use less for greater benefits.

Recommended daily dosage: 1-2 capsules



About our CBD Products

If you still have questions or are in doubt about which oil is best for you or your particular symptoms or conditions please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. Or visit:

Products from The Real CBD do not cure but may provide relief from many additional ailments on a patient by patient basis. The body cures itself. These statements have not been evaluated by the (FDA) or any similar agency (EU) and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting any new supplement program.

All those New Years resolutions….. some we keep and some go down the drain after a couple of weeks. Are you one of those that were going to exercise more and eat healthy? And on the third day, the pain from the gym made you give up and head to the snack cupboard because you felt sorry for yourself? Well….. The Real CBD has the CBD (re) solution just for you!

7 Reasons Why CBD Is Recommended For Sports

Long hours of training and an active lifestyle can take its toll on our bodies. It can involve a lot of wears, and tears, as well as fatigue. Without the right choice of products to counter these, the motivation can go down and sometimes ground you for long periods. CBD oil products have all the components necessary to keep you training for long periods as well as providing fast relief from injuries. With the Cannabidiol’s harmless and effective qualities gaining popularity and acceptance, further research is helping in confirming the medical benefits associated with CBD. These benefits include:

1. Reduction Of Stress And Anxiety

Even after the best training, anxiety can still set in when a goal is around the corner. One of the main CBD oil benefits is providing relief from the anxiety. CBD is an effective antidepressant that has no known side effects. It is a natural product that is not habit forming unlike the other addictive antidepressants like Xanax and Prozac – SO with CBD and your new exercise regime, you can get rid of those dark thoughts

2. Relief From Pain

CBD is known for its unmatched ability to relief short time pains probably caused by an injury (big or small) during training and chronic pains as well. Applying a CBD balm will give instant relief to the painful area, without any undesirable after effects. CBD is also available in other forms like capsules, edibles and tincture oils which are just as effective in taking away the pain. Due to CBD’s anti-inflammatory quality, it prevents joint injuries during training and reduces inflammation.

3. Boosts immunity

CBD has a high antioxidant level that makes it very good at fighting off infections. This not only keeps you healthy in your daily life but also during training. The winter months are particularly infection prone, and by making use of the CBD products, you’ll be assured of a cold and flu-free time.

4. Fastens Recovery Time

When you start training and you “injure” your muscles they need to repair and recover. One of the main CBD oil benefits as compared to other over the counter medications is how fast you experience its effect after use. Due to the ability of the CBD products to perform many health-related functions at the same time, getting relief after ingesting or applying a CBD oil product will guarantee you lesser pains and faster receovery, so you can return to the gym.

5. We Have Added An Extra Benefits

CBD/MCT Oil 18% (1800mg CBD)

To make The Real CBD Athletes oil even better than other store-bought CBD oils, we have added concentrated MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) oil as a carrier oil. MCT oil is known to:

  • Boost energy
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Improve digestion
  • Burn Fat
  • Aid Focus
  • Help Hormonal Balance

This oil is available in 2 different strengths. A 7% if you train 2-3 times a week and an 18% if you train 3-6 times a week. It is quickly becoming our most sold product because of the amazing results people report back.

6. Sleeping Like A Baby

CBD will help you feel calm and relaxed. The compound terpene myrcene present in CBD acts as a natural sedative and improves the quality of sleep. When you have a high-quality sleep, it aids body repair, better cognition, and increased immunity.

7. Helps In Appetite Control

Unlike THC, CBD will not give you the craving to eat more. On the contrary, using CBD will make you feel full longer which will ensure that you do not add unnecessary weight. CBD products will help you to maintain your weight without having the need to watch your diet too much. By improving insulin performance, CBD will make you feel good after you eat.

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Despite the fact that many CBD customers find the way to our online CBD shop, we still reveive the ever-burning question: Where can you buy organic full spectrum pure CBD oil in Spain? Well, here is a list with our recommendations!

First a couple of tips before buying CBD oil

There are two forms of cannabis oil that one can buy: CBD oil and THC oil. One important difference between these two is that trading in CBD oil is completely legal, while that is not the case with THC oil. Therefore, these two forms of cannabis oil are generally purchased through different channels. For this reason, this article deals separately with the purchase of CBD oil and does not cover the purchase of THC oil. More information about choosing the right CBD oil can be found on our download page: CBD oil facts downloads

Many people already buy their CBD cannabis oil or other CBD products online. In our webshop we also offer these CBD articles. In our extensive product range you will find:

CBD Balm
CBD oil
CBD e-liquid
Athlete MCT/CBD oil
CBD Pet oil solution

Where to buy pure cbd oil in Spain

Below you will find the official location that sell Full Spectrum Organic CBD oil from The Real CBD.  The vast majority of our cannabidiol-rich products are available in large numbers and can be purchased in bulk. We therefore welcome applicants for our CBD Wholesale program. Or you can join the ever-growing Real CBD Affiliate program

In addition to our CBD oil products of excellent quality, we offer good service and fast delivery. Because our cannabidiol products come from legal hemp, we can ship any product worldwide.

Where to buy pure cbd oil in Marbella?

To find the exact locations of the official Real CBD sales points, please refer to our map on our homepage.

The Cure Marbella
Centro de Negocios, Puerta de Banus
Calle Málaga
29601 Marbella

Get directions to The Cure here

Where to buy pure cbd oil in the Málaga (area)

Farmacia Camino de Malaga
Ctra. Malaga 105
29120 Alhaurin El Grande

Get directions to the Famacia here

Where to buy pure cbd oil the Mijas (area)

Herbolario Vitalytes
Calle Torreón nº8
La Cala de Mijas

Get Directions to Vitalytes here

Where to buy pure cbd oil in Estepona (area)

Shop by Nicola
Calle Montemayor 15
29688 Estepona

Get directions to The Shop here

Where to buy pure cbd oil in Gibraltar?

Omega Pharmacy
Cooperage Lane
GX11 1AA Gibraltar

Get directions to Omega Pharmacy here

Physique Gym
96, Devil’s Tower Road
GX11 1AA Gibraltar

Get directions to Physique Gym here


where to buy The Real CBD oil products in the UK

Crossfit Battlebox
Unit 3B
4 Raven Road
London E18 1HB
United Kingdom

Get directions to Crossfit Battlebox here

where to buy The Real CBD oil products in Germany

by Anthony Timilty
Phone: +49 170 5977342


In this article, we continue to provide answers on the most frequently asked questions about cbd, and cbd oil products. Today, we take a closer look at how much cbd you should take in certain situations and occasions!

How much cbd oil should I take in general?

Begin with 1 drop 3 times a day. For more specifics please head over to our “Which cbd dose should I take” page. Important to know is, before we continue, that the dosage of cbd differs for each person, it is best to start small and gradually increase until you experience the desired result.

How much cbd should I give my dog?

There are many cbd products available for our pet, in many convenient forms. Extracts can be given from a dropper bottle directly into the mouth, added to food, dropped on a treat, rubbed into the bare skin or inside the ears, or dropped on an animal’s paw so they will lick it off. But to stick with the question. for animals, the cbd dosage can vary due to many different factors. It may be necessary to experiment a little to find the right amount, and how often to give. As a Spain based cbd company, we deal with this a lot. Spain is a country that is known for having a close relation with pets. The typical suggested starting cbd dose we recommend is 1 mg – 5 mg CBD per 5kg (10 lbs) of your animals body weight. For more information, download our free flyer:




ECS system in dogs infographic


How much cbd should I take for anxiety?

Many people don’t realise how stressed out they are or what is exactly causing anxiety, or the attacks related to this. In order to explain more about the dose that is recommended, we advice you to continue reading this following article about the potential positive effects cbd can have in relation to stress and anxiety.



How much cbd should I take against depression?

Please use the link above in the section: How much cbd should I take for anxiety?

How much cbd should I take for pain?

In times of more physical or mental strain, a dose that would normally be sufficient might not be enough, due to the higher demand for cannabinoids by the body. In case of severe pain, we recommend following these guidelines: Chronic pain and inflammation: 2.5-30 mg/day CBD for an average of 25 days.

How much cbd should I take to improve sleep?

Many of our customers use our cbd products to improve the quality of their sleep. After all, a good night’s rest can make all the difference during the day. It improves our quality of work, our creativity and let’s not forget our mood!

We recommend the following dosage cbd for a better quality sleep: 6-10mg cbd 1 hour before bedtime. Some people feel energised by cbd and can not take it before bedtime. In this case take your cbd oil morning, midday and the last dose 4 hours before bed.

In order to ​help treat sleep disorders: 40-160 mg of CBD daily

How much cbd should I take as an athlete?

Cbd products in the world of sports are currently gaining a lot of momentum. As a supplement for athletes there is, however, still lots of ground to cover in terms of use and ideal dosage. Not to mention that there are many different types of sports and every single is unique with regards to skillset, intensity level etc. Therefore, we recommend to use the regular dosage when you are a athlete new to cbd products. To learn more about the benefits of cbd for athletes, please download our free CBD Athletes flyer with a quick overview of potential benefits.

Cbd oil: For more information

For a quick overview on the dosage of cbd oil, please use the following link:

For more information regarding cbd oil, we would like you to refer to the following pages on our website:

CBD (cannabidiol), you see it everywhere now and the positive stories pop up everywhere. Even in the media, a lot of attention has been drawn lately. CBD oil has become a wildly popular (dietary) supplement that is getting attention. But is it also a product for athletes and professionals in the world of Sports?


What is CBD oil exactly?

It is a food supplement/herbal solution made from the non-psychoactive fiber hemp plant which can be widely applied and can provide relief in many different situations. In addition, the use of cannabidiol oil in sports is also becoming increasingly popular. CBD is not only used for fitness and strength training, but CBD is also becoming increasingly popular in top sport. Because we want to inform you as an athlete about nutritional supplements, we have set up a blog article, dedicated to an explanation of CBD oil.


VIDEO: CBD products for athletes: fitness and strength

CBD oil popular among athletes

Nowadays CBD oil is also often used by athletes. The use of CBD is becoming increasingly popular not only in fitness but also in top sport. There are many experiences to be found on the internet about athletes who use CBD for recovery after training. Since CBD is so popular among athletes and the reactions are overwhelming, several sports federations, including the NFL (American Football League) filed an application with the WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) to get CBD oil from the doping list. CBD was formerly a banned substance on the doping list. At the end of 2017 WADA announced, after much research, that CBD would be removed from the doping list from 1 January 2018. This is also the reason that more and more athletes choose the use of CBD.

Effect cannabidiol in sports

Many athletes know that a good night’s sleep and good nutrition is important for muscle recovery after exercise. There are already many reviews and experiences on the internet that indicate that CBD can positively influence the night’s rest and can help to relax. That is why many athletes and athletes choose to use CBD after training. A number of sports in which CBD is becoming increasingly popular are fitness, American Football, and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

CBD oil effect

At the moment there are many different studies on the effect of CBD oil. For example, there are several universities and institutions that focus on the effects of CBD on the body. One of the most striking researches is the 2013 study which was carried out by Saõ Paulo University. The research focused on the effects of CBD at sleep. The results of this study were overwhelming and showed that a higher dose of CBD can positively influence sleep and also help you sleep longer and deeper. Although the results are promising, no official claim can be made to the effect of CBD to this day.