Common CBD side effects

We are not going to go over the amazing benefits of using CBD as they are endless, but we will cover its potential side effects. If you are considering using CBD in the form of oil then keep on reading.


Most often you will find good reviews, but occasionally someone experiences adverse side effects. The question is: Are these side effects a result of the CBD itself or just the result of user error? The answer isn’t so straightforward.

Before you decide to start to take CBD, do the research and speak with your healthcare practitioner to cover all of your bases. You should look at the benefits, dosing methods and dosage, additives and of course the risks involved with taking CBD.

How to protect yourself

There are many different CBD products on the market, each with different additive, purity, and potency factors. Unfortunately, some companies are only wanting to cash in on the CBD business, by providing low quality products that may have synthetic additives.

The best way to avoid these additives is to look for a company that provides total transparency about their product. Even though CBD is not regulated by the health ministries, legitimate and proffessional CBD producers pay for  third-party labtests and make them public. These tests generally look at the quality of the CBD oil and provide information regarding potency, cannabinoid and terpene profiles, and purity.

When purchasing a CBD product, you should have full access to a list of ingredients and any third-party test results.

MCT oil 18% lab test

CBD Side effects

There is still a lot of research to be done concerning the side effects of CBD. This makes it slightly difficult to give a definitive answer. When you look for online reviews, you will find lots of positive responses about the amazing benefits of CBD. But ever so often, you will find a complaint or warning of side effects. Generally, these side effects are mild and are usually simple to resolve.

To help you make an educated decision, below is a list the most commonly reported side effects related to CBD. These are some of the experiences of other users or taken from relevant studies.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is sometimes present. Luckily, it is easily manageable by consuming plenty of water before, during and after your CBD consumption. In general, it is important to remember to drink enough water daily, so staying hydrated carries a clear advantage for a variety of reasons.

A Drop in Blood Pressure

Some studies have shown that higher doses of CBD have caused a small drop in blood pressure, so for those who are taking medication for low blood pressure, it is important for them to consult with their doctor before consuming CBD. Low blood pressure is often tied with a feeling of lightheaded, which can be uncomfortable for many.


Although CBD is commonly considered a good way to ward off nausea, some people report an upset stomach or feeling nauseous as a side effect. Because our digestive tract is so delicately balanced, there are several reasons this could happen.  Too much CBD can easily lead to nausea and results in loss of appetite. Luckily, the fix to this problem is pretty simple. Just take less CBD, smaller doses and less frequently.


CBD effects everyone a bit differently. For some, CBD is giving energy and focus, but for others, it can produce the opposite. In high doses, some people have reported feeling drowsy after taking CBD. If this is how it affects you be sure not to take your dosage when you have to be most active.

Feeling lightheaded

One of CBD’s more temporary possible side effects,  feeling lightheaded, which is often linked with a drop in blood pressure, can be easily managed by consuming some sort of caffeinated beverage, which will help to regulate your body back to normal, (a cup of tea or coffee works wonders).


Contrary to the previous effects, some users report that CBD makes them feel restless. Of course, extra energy is not necessarily a bad thing, but for people who want to treat insomnia or use CBD to help them sleep, restlessness is frustrating. Sometimes, higher doses are needed to help users get the “sleepy” effects they’re looking for.


Rarely, someone may report having headaches after using CBD oil.  Some people chose CBD  as an alternative to migraine medications, and many studies have shown that cannabis has the potential to reduce inflammation and pain due to headaches.

It is likely that an increased dose can result in negative effects. Generally, there is no reason to increase your dose if you are already experiencing the desired effects. If you suddenly start experiencing mild side effects after an increased dose, that is a telltale sign that your dose is too high.

Increased Tremors in Parkinson’s Disease

There is significant evidence that CBD oil may help with motor impairment, rigidity, difficulty sleeping, tremors, and other symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease. CBD is shown to have neuroprotective effects that help reduce the severity of these symptoms. However, some users report that CBD actually increases tremors due to Parkinson’s disease. There is not much scientific evidence to explain this reaction. It is important to talk with your doctor when using CBD oil for treating chronic illness.

We can not recommend to take CBD if you are on blood thinning medication, read more here.

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What is the difference between CBD oil and CBG oil?

CBD oil has made its rise in the world of nutritional supplements in recent years. THC oil is also being used by more and more people. Still, there are many more cannabinoids in the cannabis plant that people do not know much about. One such cannabinoid is CBG. Did you know, for example, that most cannabis plants contain less than 1% concentration of MEB? This is one of the reasons that this cannabinoid has not received much attention so far. But in 2019, the health-conscious consumer will certainly get to know the effect of CBG oil. In this article we will discuss the difference between CBD oil and CBG oil.

What is CBG oil? 

CBG oil consists of cannabigerol (is a phytocannabinoid) which is diluted with hemp seed oil or olive oil. Our human endocannabinoid system (ECS) produces endocannabinoids. The cannabis plant produces phytocannabinoids. These two types of cannabinoids are very similar. Because most cannabis plants contain less than 1% concentration of CBG, it took some time before the effects of CBG were valued. So far, therefore, it is usually labeled as a “less important” cannabinoid.  During the growth period of the cannabis plant larger concentrations of CBG-A (cannabigerol acid) can be found. As a result, MEB also mentions the “stem cell” of the cannabis plant. However, at a later stage of the growth of the cannabis plant, CBG-A (cannabigerol acid) enzymes are broken down. As with (CBD-A / THC-A), CBG-A is converted into CBG by drying, heating or UV light. We call the latter acid-free cannabinoids. The cannabis plants that are currently available are bred because they contain a lot of THC and / or CBD. As a result, these strains usually have a low CBG content. Nowadays, producers are still experimenting with crossings so that strains are formed with a higher CBG concentration.

What are the effects of CBG?

Because CBG has so far usually been labeled as a “less important” cannabinoid, little research has been carried out into the effects of CBG. We expect that this will change in the short term because more and more people are beginning to realize that the functioning of CBG should not be underestimated.

10% CBD oilCBG oil

What is the difference between CBD oil and CBG oil?

In order to understand the difference between CBD oil and CBG oil, it is important that we realize that CBD and CBG are two completely different cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. They differ both in the chemical structure and in the concentrations. Because CBG is mainly present in the growth phase of the cannabis plant, the scientific community thinks that CBG is one of the most important cannabinoids. This is because CBG provides the compounds (cannabinoids) that form later in the plant. However, it is certain that CBG can have a strengthening effect on CBD. Precisely this is a reason we combine CBD oil with CBG oil.

More about CBG

Why CBG Oil is increasingly popular

What are the side effects of cannabidoil?

CBD oil has many advantages. It helps you have a better night’s sleep, helps reduce chronic pain and reduces stress and anxiety. But this is not all. CBD oil can also help a little in case of illness.

There are several conditions in which CBD oil can have a medicinal effect. We will go through some of them today.

CBD Oil Benefits


CBD and Crohn’s disease


Crohn’s disease causes inflamed digestive tract. This causes abdominal pain, diarrhea, fatigue, and (heavy) weight loss. Until now, experts have not been able to find a cure for it, so they try to treat its symptoms. Research has been carried out and it has been shown that CBD oil can have a positive effect on pain and inflammationNo studies and specific studies have been carried out yet, but during an investigation in Israel, it has been found that CBD oil can have an anti-inflammatory effect on the disease.

Testing was done on 21 patients. They were given CBD oil twice daily and the results were very positive. The symptoms completely disappeared in 5 patients and a clinical response was measured in 90% of cases. Online you can also read about people’s experiences and watch videos.


CBD and Lyme disease

This is an infectious disease that is transmitted by ticks. It can have very bad consequences, such as confusion, painful joints, heart problems, and facial paralysis. CBD oil can help to combat this disease by combating the bacteria that come along with this disease. CBD oil has antibacterial properties. In addition, CBD can also stimulate the immune system, reduce pain and balance the endocannabinoid system.

No research has been carried out into what effect CBD oil can have on Lyme disease, but it is known that it can fight bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Again, you can find people online who have used CBD oil to battle Lyme disease with great success.

How CBD can be effective against Lyme disease
Terpene chart

CBD and Cancer

A disease that is common and often can lead to death is cancer. So far there is no cure for cancer found and they undergo chemotherapy and radiation to get rid of the disease. Fortunately, CBD oil can also have a positive effect on cancer. Research has been started and they have learned that CBD can inhibit the growth of tumors. It also prevents the growth of blood vessels around the tumor and can kill malignant cells. Doctors are not yet using CBD, but things are slowly changing. Fortunately, you do not need a doctor’s prescription to use CBD, because it is a homeopathic medicine. So you can buy and use it yourself. You can also find people online here who can share their experiences with you. This is not all. CBD oil can also have a positive effect on other diseases, ailments, and disorders, including liver disease, kidney disease, rheumatism, diabetes, epileptic seizures, schizophrenia, irritable bowel syndrome, anorexia, autism, asthma and much more.

CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory, pain relieving elements, but it also strengthens the immune system. Therefore, using CBD oil against Lyme disease can provide relief for patients. 


5 Gigantic Influences of CBD oil on Lyme Disease

Not only birds, flowers, bees, and butterflies benefit from high temperatures. Also, ticks, tiny creatures that can cause serious health hazards to humans and our pets, enjoy warm climates. Anyone who has walked through the forest or shrubs can carry one or more of these uninvited guests with him. Ticks are small arachnids, typically 3 to 5 mm long, part of the orderParasitiformes. Ticks are ectoparasites (external parasites), living by feeding on the blood of mammals, birds, and sometimes reptiles and amphibians.

So ticks drink our blood…which is scary enough. However, they can also leave a nasty surprise. 


Risk of Lyme disease in Spain

The tick Ixodes ricinus is particularly active. This tick can carry Borrelia burgdorferi. This is a bacterium that can cause Borreliosis, better known as Lyme disease. If you become infected with this bacterium, you do not have to develop symptoms necessarily, but if you do, they can be severe. 

Lyme disease, or Lyme borreliosis (LB), is a bacterial disease transmitted to humans through the bite of infected ticks. Lyme disease can be treated well at an early stage. However, the disease can also have a chronic character. Chronic complaints caused by Lyme disease are, unfortunately, less easy to treat or cure.



Symptoms of Lyme disease

Most people who have been infected develop an expanding, red, circular ‘bulls-eye’ rash around the bite. They may also have fatigue, fever, headache, a stiff neck, and joint and muscle pain. First, you will see a discoloration at the spot where the tick bit you. This discolored spot is becoming larger and is an important indication that you might be infected. This discoloration can last for three months. At this stage, the disease can still be effectively controlled and cured with antibiotics. It is therefore important to consult your doctor immediately if you are bitten by a tick and you notice this discoloration in yourself. Incidentally, you can also contract Lyme disease without seeing a discolored skin.

More about Lyme disease in Europe


I have been bitten…what now!?

Are you bitten by a tick, please contact your doctor right away.  The Borrelia bacterium can cause muscle pain, nerve complaints, joint pain, fever, skin problems, and even heart problems. Lyme disease can also have a chronic character in a small percentage of patients. So far, no medicines have been found against the chronic form of Lyme disease. You can, however, get relief from your symptoms. One of the more popular tools that provide relief for many people is CBD oil. You can use CBD oil to effectively reduce the effects caused by Lyme disease. It will not heal you, but you can experience gigantic benefits from its beneficial and pain reducing effects.


What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is a 100% natural oil extracted from the leaves and flower tops of industrial hemp. The active substance, CBD or full cannabidiol,  is used in skin care products, or to treat anxiety and other health issues. CBD oil is certainly not the same as weed oil. Cannabis oil does contain cannabidiol, but the main ingredient is THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is psychoactive and creates a feeling of being ‘high’. CBD has no psychoactive effect.


Possible relief of complaints due to CBD oil

Although there is no clear scientific indication for the relieving effect of CBD, many users experience relief from complaints. For example:


5 Gigantic influences of CBD oil on Lyme disease


  1. CBD oil could lower your muscle tension and provide relief from nervousness or stress.
  2. There also seem to be indications that CBD oil can reduce pain complaints. You can use CBD oil in Lyme disease, but you can also add it to your daily diet as a completely natural dietary supplement.
  3. CBD oil seems to play a positive role in bone growth and can have a bowel regulating effect.
  4. It is also an antioxidant and can help your body fight against free radicals. People who regularly suffer from cold hands or suffer from mood swings during menstruation can also benefit from taking CBD oil.
  5. CBD oil can help to combat this disease by combating the bacteria that come along with this disease. CBD oil has antibacterial properties. In addition, CBD can also stimulate the immune system, and balance the endocannabinoid system.

No research has been carried out into what effect CBD oil can have on Lyme disease, but it is known that it can fight bacteria, viruses, and fungi. You can find people online who have used CBD oil to battle Lyme disease with great success.

What CBD Products should I buy?

If you choose CBD oil, choose an oil made from 100% natural ingredients. The highest quality CBD available on the market today is called 100% organic Full spectrum CBD. 

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CBD oil for everyone!

The real CBD is one of the few companies that distributes Organic full spectrum CBD products for everyone! This is CBD Oil of the highest quality.

CO2 Extraction

As soon as the primordial hemp comes from the field, we immediately start working. Through CO2 extraction, we ensure that all cannabinoids, terpenes, and terpenoids are retained. These are very important for a complete entourage effect. Because we use O2 extraction to make the CBD oil, we ensure that no substances are lost. The result is Full Spectrum CBD. In addition to a high CBD content, the oil also contains CBG, CBN, CBC, terpenes, and terpenoids. Various studies have shown that only CBD is much less effective. Because synthetic (factory) CBD is cheaper, these substances are missing from almost all providers. For our CBD products, we only use organic primordial hemp from the Netherlands. With us, you are assured of a fair product and you do not have to worry about pesticides!

The so-called ‘regular’ medicines often have a strict dosage. This is to prevent poisoning or aggravation of side effects. Too much is never good with medication. A too high dose of Tramadol (heavy painkiller) for example is just life-threatening. At valium, they even give the warning that it is extremely addictive.  What about the dosage of pure CBD oil?

Before going over to the contents of this article, we just wanted to clarify that this blog post is an extension to: Which CBD dosage should I take?


CBD oil dosage, start carefully! Table of Contents


    1. Follow this procedure if you are just starting with CBD oil

    2. CBD Oil: Ways to take

    3. For the ideal CBD dosage…Listen


CBD oil dosage


Although it says on the bottle that you should not exceed the daily recommended amount, the question here is whether there is an overdose that is bad for you. Let your body get used to it. It is absolutely important to get your body used to the CBD. If you use CBD oil for too short a period, the question is whether the effect is noticeable. To say after a week that it does not work does not make any sense. Your body has to get used to the oil.

The endocannabinoid system in your body responds to the CBD oil that supports that system. It probably took years that you have developed all sorts of complaints, so give your body time to support the CBD through the endocannabinoid system your body.


The best procedure


Every person is different. No one will respond the same to the CBD oil. No one will respond the same to a certain standard dose. Although there is a recommended dosage on the bottle, this dosage differs per brand.

CBD oil dosage


Follow this procedure if you are just starting with CBD oil


Start with 1 or 2 drops, 3 times a day. Increase the dosage for 3-4 weeks

Divide the dose over 3 intake moments per day:

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evening

Increase the dosage until you experience the desired results. Do you have the idea that it really does not work, then rebuild. It is a dosing experiment where you have to take the time. For more specific information and guidelines on CBD dosage, please open the following link:


CBD Oil: Ways to take


The best way to take CBD oil is to drip under the tongue. The active cannabinoids are then directly absorbed by the mucous membrane. This is a very efficient way of CBD dosing. When you swallow it, only 15% of the total active substance will remain and the effect will be less. When ingested, it enters your digestive system and through the liver in your blood. A large part of the active substances will then be broken down by your body before it has an effect. Keep that in mind. CBD is also available in capsules and, for example, in suppositories. With a suppository, it comes faster in your blood than with a capsule. Inhaling via an e-cigarette is also a possibility. See what is the best way for you. The method of intake is a preference that differs per person. Again under the tongue is the best way, because the oil is quickly absorbed through small blood vessels under the tongue. So then the active substance is very quickly in your blood where it can do its job.


The Real CBD - Dosage woman with pippette


For the ideal CBD dosage…Listen


Overdose is not possible with CBD oil. The amount of active substance will be greater, but that has no effect on its effect or the effect in your body and it is certainly not fatal. Always listen carefully to your body. Maintaining a list of your symptoms, in the beginning, can be a good way to gain insight, but also in the course after taking CBD oil. If you feel that it does not work, ask for advice from an expert. On the internet, there are all kinds of forums CBD, where a lot of knowledge can be found and where you can ask your question too.

Hi there! Welcome to The Real CBD blog. In this article, we elaborate on some of the frequent questions we get about CBD in general and our CBD products. Therefore, 5 facts of CBD Oil you must know before you make your purchase!

CBD (or cannabidiol) is rapidly causing changes in the debate about the use of marijuana as a medicine. Most people have heard about the chemical THC, which is the cannabis ingredient that makes users high. But recently the attention has shifted to another substance called CBD. This CBD can also be found in marijuana and hemp and for good reasons, we are happy about it. Doctors often don’t look into certain effects because of THC, but CBD does not bring that problem at all. In addition, the evidence of the medical benefits of CBD continues to grow, although it is usually obtained by testing on animals and not yet on humans. Therefore, we share five facts that you should know about cannabidiol.

Buy CBD oil

Buy CBD oil: 5 facts you must know before purchasing!

1.CBD is an important ingredient in, among other things, cannabis

CBD is one of more than 100 substances found in cannabis and belongs to a category of molecules called cannabinoids. Of these substances, CDB and THC are naturally present in the largest amount. That is why these substances are recognized and studied by scientists the most. The CBD and THC content tend to vary between different varieties. Marijuana that is grown for recreational purposes often contains more THC than CBD. However, by using selective breeding techniques, hemp growers have succeeded in creating variants that have a high CBD content but hardly contain THC. These strains are rare but have become increasingly popular in recent years.

2. CBD is not psychoactive

Unlike THC, CBD does not ensure that the user gets high. Although this feature makes it a bad choice for recreational users, it does give the substance a significant advantage as a medicine. Doctors prefer means with limited or no side effects. CBD is not psychoactive because it is not effective on the same pathways as THC. These pathways, called CB1 receptors, are highly concentrated in the brain and are responsible for the mind-expanding effects of THC. A 2011 study published in “Current Drug Safety” concluded that CBD “does not affect various psychomotor and psychological functions.” The authors added that several studies suggest that CBD is “well tolerated and safe,” even when high doses.

3. CBD offers many different medical benefits

Although CBD and THC are active through different pathways in the body, they seem to have many of the same medical benefits. According to a 2013 study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, studies have shown that CBD possesses the following medical properties:

  • Anti-emetic – Reduces nausea and vomiting
  • Anticonvulsant – Suppresses epileptic activity
  • Anti-psychotic – Combats psychosis disorders
  • Anti-inflammatory – Combats inflammatory disorders Antioxidant – combats neurodegenerative disorders
  • Antitumoral / Anti-cancer – Combats tumor and cancer cells Anxiolytics/antidepressant – combats anxiety and depression disorders

* Unfortunately, most of this evidence comes from animal testing since very few clinical studies have been conducted with human patients. But recently a pharmaceutical version of CDB has been developed by a pharmaceutical company based in the United Kingdom. The company named GW Pharmaceuticals is now funding clinical trials with CBD as a treatment method for schizophrenia and certain forms of epilepsy. In addition, a team of researchers from the California Pacific Medical Center, led by Dr. Sean McAllister announced that they hope to start researching CBD as a treatment method for breast and brain cancer.

4. CBD reduces the negative effects of THC

CDB seems to provide a natural protection against the high that can cause marijuana. Numerous studies suggest that CBD reduces the intoxicating effects of THC, such as memory loss and paranoia. CBD also seems to counter the sleep-inducing effects of THC, which may explain why some strains of cannabis are known to increase alertness. Both CBD and THC do not pose a risk for fatal overdose. But to reduce the possible side effects, it may be better for medical users to use cannabis with higher levels of CBD.

5. CBD oil is not addictive

CBD oil is then extracted from (industrial) hemp, which falls under the cannabis family, but it does not contain THC. THC is the dust that makes you high or stoned. You cannot get stoned from CBD oil. In addition, CBD has no addictive effect. You can not become addicted spiritually because it does not work psychoactive. You will also not get withdrawal symptoms if you stop using it, so there is no question of physical addiction either. It is safe for daily use, but some also use it only when they suffer more from physical complaints. 

Extra: before you Buy CBD oil

Extra 1: Is the use of CBD products beneficial if I am healthy?  

Each individual is unique and has different goals with regard to his or her well-being, which he or she may want to address through the consumption and application of our products. The feedback we have received from a wide variety of consumers and professionals in the healthcare industry is extremely positive. We recommend that you discuss CBD with your doctor or healthcare provider if you have a specific health-related question or problems. There are also many independent studies on CBD available on the internet.

Extra 2: Is CBD Illegal?

Is CBD illegal? The EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), the European agency responsible for regulating all that has to do with food (among other things, food supplements) has issued a statement regarding the legality of CBD. According to EFSA, until the European Union regulates CBD, it is illegal to use it as a food supplement.

Many CBD products that are sold on various websites are considered and/or registered food supplements. CBD products remain food supplements until clinical trials by third parties have been completed and regulatory approval has been received. Nevertheless, all products of The Real CBD are registered as a herbal solution. As a result, none of our CBD containing products are illegal in Spain.

About The Real CBD

The Real CBD is a CBD provider and with distributors located in Marbella on the Costa del Sol. We are educating people to appreciate the cannabis plant in a sea of products and suppliers. People should not feel scared and understand there is no possibility of addiction. We are, therefore, very active on social media, blogging websites and our own CBD blog, to help people understand the potential power of CBD for your wellbeing, and that of your favorite pet. If you have any questions that we have not addressed, please feel free to contact us via the ways indicated in the footer or contact page.

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