How can you use The Real CBD powder?

There is an array of ways how you can use CBD Powder. It is so versatile and adaptable that the list is endless. The fact that you can actually open the capsule and use the powder inside makes the usage almost limitless. The only thing the CBD powder will not dissolve in is oil and oil-based products. That does not mean you can’t put in ex your salad oil, it just means that it will not dissolve and you will see the powder “floating” around. It is perfectly safe to use in anything oil based but might appear milky.

Here are a few ideas of how to use the CBD powder


In your morning tea or coffee

how to use cbd powderFor many, that first cup of morning coffee or tea is absolutely necessary in order to function as a human being. While you sit there planning, waking up or just trying to function, it is dead easy to just open a CBD powder capsule and dissolve it, in your hot drink. If you leave you CBD capsules next to your multivitamins you won’t forget.

In smoothies

Many people chose smoothies as a healthy option either post- or pre-workout or just as a healthy meal replacement. Why not make it even more healthy and pour the contents of a CBD Powder capsule into the blender together with all the other goodies.

In water

Make your own CBD water!!  Just open a capsule and add it to your glass of water or into your water bottle you take on the go… and voila’ you have your own DIY CBD water instead of paying 10 times more for a ready-made brand.

how to use cbd powder

On Food

As our CBD powder is both odorless and tasteless, you can add it to any food without having to tolerate the taste of hemp. Sprinkle it over your cereals in the morning, or your delicious salad for lunch. Not only that – add it to a cake batter, or a stew and get all the benefits with your food.

In Pet food

how to use cbd powderAs you might know it is not only us humans who can use CBD (cannabidiol) Our beloved pets also have great benefits with CBD and all it’s powers. Usually pets don’t mind anything natural by instinct, but some of our fuzzy and spoiled furry friends don’t like the taste of the CBD oil in tinctures. So here is the solution………. Open a tasteless and odorless capsule and sprinkle it in their food. You will soon see the positive and great benefits the CBD powder gives.

In E-liquids

Vaping is a good source of ingesting CBD, but your local vape liquid shop might not have your preferred taste with CBD in it. So here is the solution to that problem. Get a pouch of CBD water soluble capsules, and open a capsule into your favorite e-liquid. Shake the bottle well and there you have it! – you own unique E-liquid with added CBD.

DIY Beauty Products

Instead of spending lots of money on CBD beauty products like facial cremes, body lotions, eye serums and hair products, you can add a few capsules into your own favorite product (provided its water based). Once you have let it dissolve you have your own DIY beauty product with all the added benefits CBD have to offer – without “breaking the bank”.

As they are – in capsule form

how to use cbd powderYou can of course also just take the capsule as it is. Take it with a glass of water morning and evening and you have taken the recommended daily dosage for general health.


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