CBD dropshipping is becoming increasingly popular. But getting started with your dropshipping business is not a walk in the park. We are here to prepare you and to make sure you AVOID the most common pitfalls…Read this blog and get smart about dropshipping cannabidiol products worldwide.

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THE benefits of dropshipping CBD products

Probably the biggest advantage of our CBD dropshipping program is, that it is possible to open a large business with a wide range of attractive CBD products without having to invest a fortune in constantly replenishing stocks, with the risk that some products will never be sold and then expire.

Nevertheless, to get the ball rolling you need to get organized. And you need expert help. Why?


3 Resons why 99% of CBD dropshippers fail miserably

There is a simple, yet worying amount op people that give up before reaching the finish line. In 99% of the cases, this is due to the following, or combination of the following errors:

  1. Website: Wrong CMS system > Shopify
  2. No payment gateway
  3. No blood sweat and tears

Selling CBD on Shopify = US only

US merchants in certain states may sell certain hemp or hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD) products on Shopify. Merchants can only sell these products in certain states where it is legal to do so. State laws and regulations governing the sale of these products vary significantly and are subject to change. Contact an attorney to determine how and where you can sell your product

Because US laws surrounding hemp and CBD are rapidly evolving, sellers should contact an attorney before selling these products on Shopify. Shopify cannot advise on what and where sellers can sell, but we encourage you to check and review federal, state, and local laws, as well as read updates from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA site has helpful guidelines for products containing hemp and/or CBD in the United States.

CBD business in Europe is another story if you want to sell CBD products. YOU CANNOT USE SHOPIFY AS YOUR CMS SYSTEM! Shopify will let you create your site, they will let you do all the hard work to then close your down once you have made your first sale – because their European payment processor does not accept CBD business. So what do we then suggest….?

Creating your website on WordPress (using for example WooCommerce) and then finding your own card payment processor and bank account who accepts CBD business is the safest way to start your business.

Payment gateway fail

А payment gateway is the technology that captures and transfers payment data from the customer to the acquirer, and then transfers the payment acceptance or decline back to the customer. A payment gateway validates the customer’s card details securely, ensures the funds are available, and eventually enables merchants to get paid. It acts as an interface between a merchant’s website and its acquirer. It encrypts sensitive credit card details, ensuring that information is passed securely from the customer to the acquiring bank, via the merchant.

In other words, the payment gateway works as the middleman between your customer and the merchant, ensuring the transaction is carried out securely and promptly. An online payment gateway can simplify how merchants integrate the necessary software. As the middleman during the payment processing, the gateway manages the customer’s sensitive card details between the acquirer and the merchant.

Selling T-shirts and shoes is a straightforward business. Selling CBD products is not. In some European countries (Finland and Norway) it is an illegal substance, even without containing any THC. The payment processors are grabbing every opportunity to charge high fees and CBD is regarded as “high risk” business on the same terms as pornography and gaming. There are a few card payment processors who accepts CBD business but they also take the opportunity to charge you what they wand because THEY CAN !!! Paypal will let you go through with accepting payment on their platform for a few weeks, maybe months – but then they WILL close you down and keep your hard earned money for 180 days (that’s 6 months by the way)

Remember to also find a bank account where the bank accepts and knows that you are setting up a CBD business. Otherwise, you may end up with a payment processor who accepts CBD but have nowhere to send the money to.

Blood – Sweat and Tears

If you are not an experienced web-designer or haven’t tried to maintain a website we can tell you. IT IS VERY TIME CONSUMING if you want to rank on Google. You will have to put the hours in writing, adding, constructing, maintaining, and constantly changing the website. Making it once and then thinking all is honky dory will not take you anywhere far. As the CBD business is regarded either as “selling illegal substance” or “high-risk” business, all the normal options for advertising on social media or online are just not available. The ONLY way you can be seen is by ranking on Google, and advertising in physical newspapers and magazines. This makes it even harder to be noticed.

Setting up your shop to sell hemp or CBD

So how can you get prepared to sell CBD from your own online shop? Or sell CBD through dropshipping solutions?

Here is a check list of how to set up your SHOP:

  1. Choose a domain name – consider it NOT to include the word HEMP or CBD for easier social media advertising
  2. Buy the domain to ensure it’s yours
  3. Get someone to host the domain
  4. Find a CMS system (we suggest you choose WordPress)
  5. Find a theme your want to start building on
  6. Choose your card payment processor
  7. Start creating
the real CBD dropshipping mistakes

Read more about CBD wholesale and dropshipping

If you are wondering how you can benefit from CBD dropshipping, we are here to answer your questions.

As a company we have the reputation and the intention to offer only top quality, The Real CBD offers insights, solutions and suggestions to help you get started with CBD dropshipping in the best possible way.

Why is CBD oil so expensive? Many people ask themselves this question and that’s not surprising. There is also a good price tag attached to a bottle of CBD oil. CBD oil is becoming more and more popular, but there are people who don’t want to use it because of the price. That CBD oil is expensive, is a fact. But that is not without reason. In addition, the use of CBD can also ensure that certain costs will actually decrease. Curious about this? We are happy to explain!

Why are there so many different prices for the same CBD products?

There are a number of factors that determine the price of products that contain CBD:

  • The production process of CBD

This process is one of the main reasons why products containing CBD oil are expensive. The hemp plants have to be grown and then oil -or other products- can be made from them. This whole process from plant to product takes a lot of time, and certification and independent analyses must also be taken into account. This production process is very time-consuming, so there are already a lot of costs involved.

Why is the CBD oil production process so expensive? (VIDEO)

  1. Breeding high CBD strains. Producers have to breed just the right CBD-rich strain of hemp. Organic soil, special watering cycles in warm sunny places and manual labor all add to the cost.
  2. Extraction and Isolation. The extraction process required to isolate the CBD and other cannabinoids from the hemp plant takes a great deal of setup, as well as expensive equipment.
  3. Documentation. CBD oil is still a grey area within the pharmaceutical world. In order to get the proper documentation and certification, you must go through a whole chain of governmental instances. This is long and can be an expensive process.
  4. Laboratory Testing. CBD oil is tested extensively. These tests can cost a lot of money, because CBD oil is requested to be tested against a lot of different criteria, such as individual cannabinoid contents, terpenes present and many more.
  • The type of CBD oil

There are different types of CBD oil, such as CBD oil with CBD full spectrum extract or Isolate CBD oil. The difference between the two is that Full Spectrum CBD oil uses the whole plant. In Isolate CBD products only contain CBD, no other cannabinoids are present.

  • The percentage of CBD

There are different types of products with different quantities of CBD, this also plays a role in the price. The less CBD the product contains, the cheaper it will be. The most commonly used CBD oil is the oil with 5% CBD (10 ml). For this, you pay on average € 30, -. A bottle with 2.5% CBD is obviously lower in price. The higher the CBD percentage, the more expensive the product will be.

  • The quality of the product or brand

Not every brand has the same quality, and you pay for quality. Organic CBD is, therefore, more expensive than non-organic CBD. There are a number of brands that place the emphasis on quality. Unfortunately, there are also more and more brands that go along with the trend and offer CBD oil for a cheap price. However, this is often bad quality CBD and has only minimal CBD content which is not sufficient for most people. In the article where to buy CBD buy oil, tells you where you can best do this? We will explain this later.

CBD Oil prices: three rules of thumb

  • Cheap CBD oils may not be very safe. They do not go through proper purifying and safety procedures to save on the manufacturing costs.
  • Expensive CBD oils go through proper processing and manufacturing. They are sold using proper channels and are generally backed up by legal agreements. Proper tested CBD oils are better for medicinal purposes as it is guaranteed that no impurities can react with your body.
  • In general – “You get what you pay for”.

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If you have decided to start your own business – you have a few choices you need to make. Often it depends on your budget and how you are going to sell your products. Here we are going to give you some facts and tips on how to chose right. 

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