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Best CBD Wholesale and Affiliate program

We offer the Best CBD Wholesale and Affiliate program If you have decided to start your own business - you have a few choices you need to make. Often it depends on your budget and how you are going to sell your products. Here we are going to…
CBD for Golfer

Is Phil Mickelson taking CBD Oil at the Masters?

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VIDEO - CBD Oil for Golfers? Yeah right...whatever. It may seem lightyears apart, (professional) golf and the often unknown world of CBD, but you might be in for a hell of a surprise! CBD for Golfers? A growing list of Tour players endorse…
CBD Side effects

CBD side effects

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Common CBD side effects We are not going to go over the amazing benefits of using CBD as they are endless, but we will cover its potential side effects. If you are considering using CBD in the form of oil then keep on reading. Intro Most…
ECS system in dogs infographic

What is the best CBD Oil for dogs?

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Is CBD oil for dogs? CBD oil has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. More and more is known about the positive effects on body and mind. Increasing popularity also means that you often can't see the forest because of the plants. Where…
Delicious Cake

Does CBD oil have THC?

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Does CBD oil have THC? It's like asking if the cake has chocolate! Some do and some don't and it all depends on the manufacturer. Here we try to answer that question in layman terms. The hemp plant contains approximately 114 phyto cannabinoids…

How to take CBD

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How to take CBD - Ultimate guide on Different ways to take cannabidiol CBD comes in many shapes and forms. There are several ways to get the healing cannabinoids into your system, all depending on your preference and your ailment. We are going…
Full Spectrum water soluble CBD powder

CBD Powder - Water Soluble - Full Spectrum

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CBD Powder Water Soluble Full Spectrum First you were taught that CBD oil was the perfect way to get CBD (cannabidiol) into your system. Put the drops under your tongue and let the CBD flow into your bloodstream....Well - evolution is inevitable,…
Superhero boy

CBD oil for ADHD?

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CBD oil for ADHD? Facts about this natural approach! Could CBD oil help ADHD? CBD oil is a natural option which has been tried for everything from chronic pain to cancer.  Many parents with children with ADD and ADHD prefer a drop of the…